Friday, March 20, 2009

DGMB : CNY + VIP Treatment on BKT at Klang

I almost forgot about this post, had the pictures compiled in a folder but never did touch it till NOW, HAHA. Crap.

Anyway, this is about one of the many awesome stuffs that happened more than one month back during the Chinese New Year period.

the usual camwhoring sessions...

After some random and pretty last minute planning, a few of us DGMB-ians gathered together and had a house-visitation session from here to there, up and down within Klang Valley.

It was the 2nd of February 2009.

We started from Gombak around lunch time. Had a simple lunch there and...

proceeded to the house of the Nuffnang featured blogger March 2009.

Pam and Nadia.

Since Yatz have some hamsters over at his place, the girls got a bit excited and started playing around with the hamsters... Some of us started playing cards which involve money...

Pam snapping outta Yatz's place.

the peeps saying "Thank You Uncle" to ShuJian

Then we shifted to Kepong to continue our business with money on some card game introduced by Yatz himself. The session ended there with David winning RM50 bringing HsuJen leaving the group heading for some family lunch, EVIL!!

It was already 7PM then if i'm not mistaken and we headed straight to Klang for some awesome BKT session.


we sapu all habis nice nice.... and it was really very very nice!!! Haha. Our 2nd time there at the same BKT shop.

Just look at how happy Nadia was...

and how stim Yatz was....

But wait!! The best part was we were given VIP treatment there at the shop, they were kinda closing already and they waited for us to go there and had their yummylicious BKT.

and and and and and look!!!






Thanks to Thomas who know the people there hahahaha...

After the dinner, we headed to Thomas's place with a very full stomach. So we just chilled and relaxed over there and decided to leave to Pam's place after one hour.

Quite a number of stupid acts were done there and here's 2 of the pictures taken...

take 1

take 2

I forgot what time we went back but it was pretty late already and we were quite tired after a whole long day. Of course, for me, i was happy spending one of the CNY days with them, a bunch of crazy people/bloggers.

A group picture... with some peeps missing =(

So yea, i think that's the very last post about CNY2009 and gosh i still have a few outdated post to do....

Till then, Enjoy your weekend!!


yapthomas said...

Let's just say... I'm gonna plan another one.. :D

Yi Ling said...

wa lao. the hamster so cute ._.

Yatz said...

thank you..the hamsters are mine..LOL

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : woot woot!!!

> Yi Ling : lolx hamsters are always cute hahha

> Yatz : O.o

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