Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Singapore's Edison Chen Gary Ng

Some of you probably know about this scandal from Singapore where this specific guy with the name of gary ng posted 33 videos doing some "export & import" business with 22 different individuals. I just found this out through

It's on a few blogs as well as a few online news headlines as well giving him the title of "Singapore's Edison Chen"

I had a good sarcastic laugh myself reading the news and the blog posts especially finding out how he looked like. (if the picture of him posted is true)

he claimed to have done a beer promo auntie; a property agent; a banker; a mother and her daughter; his neighbour; his office colleague; a Chinese maid; a NUS student; a poly girl; his own cousin; his friend; his friend’s niece; a waitress; a student nurse; a Chivas promoter; a cosmetic girl; an ah lian, etc

The blogger who posted earliest about this whole scandal had his share of thoughts posted on his blog, condemning such acts of immorality.

A few clicks and search through google leads me to the famous forum where he posted the video links as well as his stories.
*don't bother finding the videos la!

Here is part of the story where he actually did business with his cousin. Brainless Maniac.

Many guys might start worshiping this so called "Edison Chen of Singapore" as much as they worshiped the REAL Edison Chen, i do think that these people have real serious mental problem. Just like what my friend said, maybe he should go find Mr Bala.
*Mr Bala is my psychology subject lecturer.

Seriously, what's so nice and proud about having all these with so many people?? To show off to your friends?? To have a certain level of satisfaction recording down how many successful rounds??

Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure that to all these people, there will be a certain level of damage made mentally by themselves and all this are just an act of further hurting themselves stepping deeper and if they continue doing this, they will find themselves being in a black hole so hard to get out and worst come to worst committing suicide will be one of their option.

Then that would be tragic.

to finish the story about his cousin, he mentioned this in one of the forum posts.

when i had a gf, she was somehow furious with me like dislike sharing me with another girl.. Becos after that incident, not only we became closer, we even became something like a fxxk buddy...Sometime few time a months we will meet up for movie or other & twice or thrice we will have xxx..

I can said the relationship is till now & we even go a step further to create an account in AFriendFinder to find couple for xxx together to do something more exciting..So who said cousin can't be xxx buddy or even RAW.. CHeers guy..
Yes he was talking about his cousin....


Responding to people who gave him the title "Singapore's Edison Chen", he humbly replied and say that "You all don't have to treat me as any super star, i'm just providing some free videos to the guys in Singapore", he added on that most of the females are aware of the filming process. On why did he leave his own email on the videos, he said that there're many people leaving messages online requesting ways to contact with him, he was just fulfilling the requests.

Well, what can i say more?


Allison said...

sick ppl! and those who request to watch. equally sick. no demand = no supply

Yi Ling said...

he is either an idiot or an idiot. egoistic shit. buay tahan him. he deserves to have his p____s fried -.-"

joshuaongys said...

> Allison : they have mental problem.... esp when it involve with some close relatives and....

> Yi Ling : lolx idiot? moron la!!

maRCus said...

fuyoh. wat a post. lol

joshuaongys said...

> maRCus : aha yeaa

Annoymous said...

Well, tat's how singapore is. Theree are also a lot of other things beside him but as long as the f... comes in mind. A lot will say eeeiiii but we don't know what people are thinking inside so maybe people leave comments that this should not be encourage but behind, people are doing the thing. So i don really believe people putting in comments or leave a message.

Marc said...

haha.... i found all the videos... yes every single one of them....

joshuaongys said...

> Anonymous : i belif not only spore la, many other places are like that also ha... and the people.. yea like wat u say... =)

> Marc : lolx u wan ppl to go to ur blog is it?? haha

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

this is mad la josh.... even if it does get traffic.. i wouldn't put it up, waste of time. Just shows the world is getting sicker everyday... incest somemore.. hai.. Pray for their souls man.

joshuaongys said...

> Linora 'Aronil' Low : yesh this is mad, but like wat u say, the world is getting sicker and everyone need to know about it man... and well, those who are involved... sigh

SimpleSandra said...

Saw this bit of news about him in the papers and thought I'd check this out.

Thing is, he can claim whatever he wants, but if we can't tell who he or his partners really are, we can't tell if he's actually lying or not as well, can we?

It's a weird world when you have people online who actually worship him when, for all we know, all this could very well be a pack of lies.

What's certain though is that this guy has a problem in his head.

joshuaongys said...

>SimpleSandra : hahahahaha that is WHY i dont understand why people are still searching him up till now, more than one month since the incident!! its indeed a weird world out there...

Hong Tat said...

this is not a scandal la, u guys live in your own world.....

joshuaongys said...

> Hong Tat : hmmmm

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