Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zoom In Zoom Out

I have friends around who owns a DSLR and from time to time, they will take such shots playing around with the shutter speed and capturing lights in a slightly slower manner.

and a month ago,i was playing around with a friend's camera and took these pictures.....

Despite the outcome which i think that its quite funny and crappy, it was pretty fun and interesting where i enjoyed taking the pics, i love the last pic though.

Heee. I wanna play more with this the next time!!

Pictures taken @ Tamarind Hill.


metalpanda said...

wow, i never know camera can do that~ haha, i m so out.

Anonymous said...

you zoomed in first then you zoomed out or what? ..

Anonymous said...

Ya the last one is good :) Maybe if you put the camera on a tripod, you can get smoother trails?

Nice to see you yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

very cool slow shutter snap

marcusan said...

heys.. dam chun pics lor.. but kinda look scary.. lol

joshuaongys said...

> metalpanda : ahaha nemind i didnt know that too last time hehe..

> Anonymous : both otherways also got hehehehe

> julian : hehe thanks ahh there was not a tripod dat time hehe, nice to see u too dat day!

> Calvyn : oh thanks but mine are noob shots la

> maRCus : lolx ehh u find that scary too hehehe same here weh hahaha

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