Monday, March 23, 2009

Turning 5!

Do you still remember what you did/happen when u turn 5 or how did your parents celebrated your birthday for you?

I don't think many would remember that and you know what, a very special birthday party will be happening this very Thursday and THAT will be a birthday that would be remembered by many people along the years.

Being one of the most happening place in KL city during the night, Zouk have been living up to many expectations bringing lots entertainments to the party goers in Kuala Lumpur.

Ever since the relaunch last November, the people at Zouk have had many more exciting events with some of the world known individuals to KL where one of them is the World No1 DJ Armin!!

and YES, Zouk will be turning 5 this very Thursday and the people at Zouk is gonna give the crowd a surprise filled with fantasies leading your wildest imagination!!

and mark my words, there will be lots of happenings going on in all the rooms there at Zouk.

the birthday party will be shared with lots of people around the city and mark down the date 26th March 2009 on your calendar and come down to Zouk enjoying the fun!

Not moved yet? See what Zouk offers!

on the dance floor

Zouk Main Room
The Fun House!
Expect nothing less that a riot of fun and colour. A re-imagined Fun House is the backdrop to what will be a “bouncing-off-the-wall” party hosted by LAPSAP and Terence C playin the hottest electro, mashups and trademark bootlegs! Dress in your bravest and multicolour best while fashion guru and ringmaster Cris Yong will be on hand to handover a very heft cash prize for the wildest and wackiest do!

Sky Kingdom
A party to remember set high up in the clouds. Come here for the fabulous and funky sounds of DJ Goldfish, Luqe, Ray Rox and MC Point Blanc who are ready to blaze the night with their infectious blend of R&B and hip hop. Don’t miss the sizzling hot 4Play Honeys who are more than ready to turn the heat up.
snapping here and there

Deep Blue Room
We go deep down and funky with the whole Mambo Jambo experience. Legendary DJs Leonard T and Alex will take you on a totally 80’s trip tonight. Expect a fabulous special 80’s medley performance here created just for you!

The Golden Bubble
A decadent golden room awaits our VIP invitees here in Aristo. And what better way to get this party going than with special guest DJ Gregoire Pagnoux along with resident DJ Shazz who will be tearing up the decks with the lastest house and electro for you. Come dressed as fabulous as you can!

sharing the love!

The Music & Magic Room A magical, musical mystery tour of a room. For tonight only this will be transformed into a haven of indie and rock hosted very ably by Twilight Actiongirl. Featuring KL’s first ever indie karaoke room… don’t believe us… come and check it out!

It sure looks like a promising night with lotsa fun and come on, everyone needs a break from a busy life in Kuala Lumpur, so do head over to the happening spot @ Jalan Ampang this Thursday and celebrate the biggest birthday party of the week with other people!

It would be a great night!


Information :

Thursday. 26th March 2009

9pm - 3am
*Admission by invitation only before 11pm.

Ticket Entry (access all rooms)
RM28 Ladies / RM38 Men (inclusive of 1 drink)

Barsonic Entry
RM20 Ladies / RM30 Men (inclusive of 1 drink)

Bottle Entry
RM382++ / 4 pac (advance booking)

* Call 2171 2075 (12pm - 6pm) 016 - 332 3191 (after 6pm)
or email at

Dazzle & Bedazzled!
*applicable to 21 years old and above


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