Saturday, November 29, 2008

27.11.08 Zouk Grand Relaunch Party

2 Nights ago, the peeps at Zouk Kuala Lumpur just threw a private party with its newly renovated place and thanks to both Kelli and Zouk KL i attended this party. Adapting to the same concept as Zouk Singapore, rather than having 3 rooms in the past, now they have 5 rooms.

It was the Grand Launch Party of Zouk Kuala Lumpur. 27 November 2008.

and there was tons of people there, despite the rain drops, people were already lining up since 9pm to get in. I see many lengluis and of course lengzai as well, see till i headache. =X

Serena C, the well known radio personality was there to host the opening of the event.
The Grand Launch started officially at 10PM.

There was a short performance before they show the main entrance to the public.

slightly different from previously, much more nicer already i would say. =)

and people cant wait to get in, there you see, many heads moving into the venue. o.O

A step into the venue, AHHHH NICEE!!!

much more spacious already, but the crowd there made it seems like its very very small.

Awesome. Haha

Even The Terrace Bar was packed with people. Insane.

Campagne Bar (if i'm not mistaken) was filled with VIPs, CEOs, MDs and etc.

Seriously, the whole place is all interconnected and its pretty big with lots of private areas made for VIPs

and i couldn't differentiate which room is which room and i actually got lost actually somewhere somehow. Lolx

Normally when you see a clubbing event/party that is packed, you'll see some dulan face, but strangely enough, i see most of the people there smiling happily. Hehe. Maybe i didn't notice those who were =(

and the people there were enjoying themselves.

getting as much Free Flow Drinks as they can before it ends at 11PM

at the mean time, many other people were there to collect their all new Zouk Premium membership card.


For me, after collecting my card, i was with my group of friends in Phuture Room for most of the time.

I don't know how is it in other room, but the room i was in RAWKS!!

everyone was moving moving, dancing dancing!

The *ahem* *ahem* CHICKS!

The night was awesome and everyone went ecstatic went DJ GoldFish started spinning in the house.


more chicks for you.... =X

of course, this is like a must for most girls when they're in clubs, they camwhore "nine nine"

and yet another camwhoring process.


while some people were enjoying themselves be it with their friends or partners

we were having fun on some sort of "measurements"

It was quite a night for everyone there.

and i had 3 unexpected meetings.

interesting. =D

Left the scene around 1am as i have class at 8am the next day. lmao

and they are people going in still!!! CRAZY!! =D

Hope you like this post!!
looking forward to more parties, its end of the year!!


*pictures by me with Andrew's cam


Andrew said...

gosh.... that's really alot of ppl though =D

julian said...

Nice - looks like fun :)

If 'dulan face' means unhappy looking, you managed to get one ang-moh looking dulan (in the photo captioned "MANY PEOPLE!!") :D

shah said...

very nice review
post more chicks pictures la

joshuaongys said...

> Andrew : yehhh lots of lots of ppl!

> julian : it was fun haha, dulan is damn unhappy and unsatisfied haha he's jz stone if the guy u meant was the guy i saw haha

> shah : thanks and hahahaha no more chicks pics leh... i was too shy to snap more pics lolx

Yi Ling said...

wow. that was like awesome. haha. XD looks like you had fun. i bet if you didnt have lessons, you would have stayed like much much later. haha!

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : gahahahahaha you wouldn't know right? =D

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