Sunday, November 09, 2008

3 Bloggers, T-shirt, Shorts, Slippers, GENTING!!

Just came back. Of all randomness, the 3 of us headed up to Genting just for fun.

3 Person, in the car, no where to go, talk talk, look look, see see.......

A : How arh?
B : Dunno..
C : Go where?
B : Dunno..
A : Genting!!!
B : Come come lets take the old road to Genting!!
A : Yay!!
B : Serious arh??
C : *swt*

was already up on Genting after around 45 minutes...

the match between ManUtd and Arsenal was crappy. Ok lah, Arsenal did played better than ManUtd.

ANYWAY, skip that!

Restoran Baru Muhibah. We went to this place to Yum Cha. Lolx

Don't play play okay!! A mamak up on Genting!!

Damn alot of people wan!! Most probably because the foods are cheap. =D

Took a walk there, enjoying the extremely cold wind.

T-shirt, shorts and Slippers OKAY!!!


headed to the car park to go back home after the walk and we saw this car whom an awesome driver owns.

This driver sure knows how to park and looking that there's still a P sticker on the car, he/she must have pass his/her parking test in just 2 seconds. Serious. Awesome parking skills. *salute*

and so, that's the extremely random trip to Genting.

Thanks to my partners in crime



Andrew said...

hahaha... partner in crime pulak!! LOL =D i like the part B: use old road C: Yay B: serious ah? C: swt.. LO =D hahah... farnie!! *looking forward* to next randomness

joshuaongys said...

> andrew : ya mah partner in crime la hahahaha nex randomnes... kedah? LOLx

buttercup said...

wow.. the car... really geng.. respect.

joshuaongys said...

> buttercup : lolx the driver geng not the car hahaha

Simon Seow said...

One of the cheapest one can find up in Genting. The other restaurant all cut throat blek.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : true true... its like dat lor.. genting mah! =D

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