Thursday, November 27, 2008

Telok Gong Seafood Dinner 椰花园海鲜

It was a project. A project to have lots of activities before someone left to overseas again.

and accidentally, i was in one of the activities.

a dinner trip to the forgotten land of seafood.

We went to Klang. =X

It was an outing for Chee Wei, the person who's going back to overseas soon. Chee Wei is the yellow color shirt lengchai. =D

The whole journey was a fast one. We reached around 9pm at night if i'm not mistaken.

I believe many of you out there have been to this place before, some even frequent this place for seafood but sad to say, this is my first time. =(

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant 椰花园海鲜.

Lala Mee Hoon

This is the first dish we had, and i must say i love it! =D
Apparently this Lala Mee Hoon is one of their famous dish there. Heee.

Kam Heong Lala

Along with the Mee Hoon we ordered this and i love it as well hahahaha
I just love lala. I mean lala as in lala er, not those in Sg Wang pls.

just Fried Vegetables

Simple is nice. =D

Fried Oyster with Omelette

Oh and i love this very dish!!
The first time i tried it years ago, i loved it since then...
and the one in this restaurant is not that good actually. Hmm.

Tom Yum Prawns in coconut

but this is awesome, i've never tasted Tom Yum in such a way before yes call me "jakun" and the amount of prawns served, you wont see it anywhere in Kuala Lumpur i tell you! Awesome wehh..

Fried Sotong

however i think that the fried sotong is just so so nia...
the ones @ SOULed OUT are much more better lolx.

Sauced Steam Fish

This one, ONE word. NICE

Sour Spicy Crab

This one TWO words, EVEN NICER

Kam Heong Crab

and this, BEST!

and actually i'm already quite full till here but the others are still hungry and we ordered a few more dishes.

Fried Rice

I love their fried rice, just nice for me!
Sometimes the dishes that is the simplest requires better skills to cook.
Don't think that coming out with a plate of EXTREMELY NICE fried rice is easy!

Kung Pou Mantis Prawn

This is one of the must order dishes if you go there, its just awesome!!

Bamboo Clams

Oh i don't fancy this but Ren said that its awesome! lolx

and so we had a good time there blabbing here and there with an extremely full stomach.

Meet Sandra, mah long lost fwen!! =D
i love this picta!

this is one of the thing that makes you think that LIFE IS GOOD
when there's good food, good company.
Totally Awesome!

when is the next time i wonder? xD

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant
702, Jalan Udang Galah, Kampong Teluk Gong , 42000 Port Klang, Selangor.
*11am to 10.30pm daily

*pictures credits to Andrew and Sandra


Kavi said...

u guys got take toddy or not at that restaurant?

go in the afternoon... the toddy goes super well with the tom yam.....

it's been so long since i went there... it sucks coz i live bout 20 mins away from the damn place...

Horizon said...

Wow, this is a nice place.. ;)

I think this rest. was telecast before in the "Ah Xian Ren Qing Wei" AEC programme leh.. :)

YozoraNiteSky said...

wah.. reading your blog and looking at all those lovely yummy food..reminds me that it has been more than 5 years since I have been back to Telok Gong for their great food. Used to do that before my dad passed on.. and that has been 5 years already.. how time flies

Ari from said...

Thanks for stopping by and dropping your card.

The food looks marvelous at this restaurant ... so fresh and nicely presented.

Andrew said...

*ahem ahem*.. telok gong pix.. no credits geh.. LOL =D

joshuaongys said...

> Kavi : toddy? hmmm go in the afternoon huh?? maybe nex time!! lolx and whoa u live so near to tat place, can always go there eat!

> Horizon : yeaps its a nice and quiet palce, nice for taking meals =D

> YozoraNiteSky : awwwww, go back there again sometime soon then? with ur frens or maybe family members perhaps?

> Ari : you're welcome and thanks!

> Andrew : lolx edited d haha

foongpc said...

The food looks very delicious! Yummy!! I've been there once. Now you make me want to go there again!
: )

yapthomas said...

But i don't like this place..

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this place looks good! how its thr price like?

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

This shop very nice 1 ~~ i know~~~~ i personally prefer de 麥片炒蝦焦 :D nx time u can try lar~~

joshuaongys said...

> foongpc : lolx its delicious and do go back there la!! haha

> yapthomas : lolx why arh?

> Big Boys Oven : the price is pretty reasonable for the food we had hehe

> 阿棗 陳 Zoe : EHHH 麥片炒蝦焦?? next time we go eat ok?? =D

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