Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Old School Party - Childhood Times

Its pretty funny that when we're still a kid, we'll hope that time past in a flash and we can grow up as soon as possible and do what the adults forbid us to do.

and then when we're grown up, we hope to go back time, to the childish, innocent, happy and not-so-complicated times.

Watching cartoons on television while eating snacks like NiNi

or choki-choki.

Buying this "ais batang" stick ice "syrup"

and such snacks to bring home and eat.

Taking out the mini items from the box of snacks we bought

and spent the whole day being silly playing with it...

For guys, playing botol caps?

For Girls, playing Batu Seremban?

Oh and this as well!!

I have no idea who invented all these but i must say, its brilliant!

Okay i forgot what they call this already.. O.O

and i use to love playing this above =D

and UNO totally rocks in the past! when it came out it was da thing back then!!!!!

So yea....

those were the times

those were the stuffs

and too bad, nowadays, all kids know is just online games, psp and online games, psp and online games, owh and they even have handphones that are more expensive than mine! DARN. =(

those days are gone.
*pictures credits to DavidCheong and Kelli

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