Sunday, November 02, 2008

Updates on Nuffnang Silent Halloween & H-Factor

Alright here's some brief updates on Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party.

It was awesome and i saw many bloggers trying to be scary but wasn't that scary to me HAHA

these guys were awesome, YOU ALL LOOK GREAT. of course only the 6 of them look great lar, i look like crap nia....

and uh oh, the Silent Rave was pretty amusing to me, i guess many bloggers there will agree with me on that. HAHAHA it was fun looking at people dancing without music silently. Erm not exactly silently lah, there were other bloggers blabbing and camwhoring blablabla etc.



and yea, just like the Nokia Wild 'Live' Blogging Party...

A wicked list there i know. Do check out their blogs as they might post about the party. xD

Alright, for now, i'll be heading back to Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel.

For H-Factor Kuala Lumpur!!

It'll be AWESOME!


Charlie said...

hey dude, will be waiting for more photos ya.

Firdauz takes five said...

woot woot!


Ashleigh said...

Awww... I wanted to go really badly.. =( Serves me right I procrastinated on the blog post to get invites. Yeesh...

curryegg said...

I like the men in mask group photo! CHio~


Jeffro said...

What the heck? Since when I became Ginny?? *snort*

joshuaongys said...

> charlie : lolx my photos are all camwhore wan hahaha

> firdauz takes five : hehehhehe u sure enjoy very much lar with all the nuffies

> ashleigh : ahhhh u'll get it nex time k?

> curryegg : nice hor hahah!!

> jeffro : lolx head not functioning hahah was copy pasting codes mah.. lolx forgot change name haha

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