Monday, November 24, 2008

Keeping In Touch

Making friends is easy. Getting close and sharing some personal stuffs is not that hard as well.

The thing that is hard is maintaining the friendship and keeping in touch.

Along the years, i've made quite a lot of friends actually, saying "hi, i'm joshua", shaking hands and eventually bidding goodbye to most of them.


i'm pretty proud that all these years, i have a few close ones that i can really count on. Those who will listen to you and tell you the truth, those who won't bitch about you on a really personal mater you shared and those who will make you feel relieve conversing with them.


but due to external factors like studies, work, different interest/topics and perhaps in a relationship, those who were once close will get apart with you and you'll have to move on where this process call "friends come and go" happen.

Pretty sad but that's life.

and only just now....

i randomly messaged this one specific person on my MSN list and here's part of the conversation.

Miss W says (2:14 AM) : yeah man
Miss W says (2:14 AM) : that's right
Miss W says (2:14 AM) : haha
Miss W says (2:14 AM) : i m hungryyy
joshuaongys says (2:14 AM) : same
Miss W says (2:15 AM) : lol at leats you get to go to mamak stall
Miss W says (2:15 AM) : here dont have
Miss W says (2:15 AM) : sobs
joshuaongys says (2:15 AM) : aha
joshuaongys says (2:15 AM) : smile
joshuaongys says (2:15 AM) : dont sob
Miss W says (2:16 AM) : haha
Miss W says (2:16 AM) : okok smile
Miss W says (2:16 AM) : i suddenly miss you alot
joshuaongys says (2:17 AM) : u bodoh
joshuaongys says (2:17 AM) : got lidat wan meh
Miss W says (2:17 AM) : ish
Miss W says (2:17 AM) : ppl miss you, u say i bodoh?!!!
Miss W says (2:18 AM) : hmmpphh!!
Miss W says (2:18 AM) : dont want talk to you dy
joshuaongys says (2:18 AM) : lol

Though just some crappy messages, but that really put a smile on my face for quite some time. We said that we'll meet up when she comes back from her studies oversea, but i'll just see how it goes. =)

I just thank God for all the people that made a turning where we passed by the same junction somewhere sometime. It's just amazing.

After all, it's all these small little things that matters.



- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

its all about the attitude. you just got to seek for people that you can count on. some people only cares for their own close friends, some cares for everyone, some only cares for important people like those that could benefit them, some just don't give a damn.

I am kind of the everyone type. I think it is not very good. my close friend simply won't like it coz i dont really show who is more important. hehe. Simply show u care and soon you will know who would care for you? lol.

joshuaongys said...

> - i.r.v.i.n.e - : yeh attitude aha and on ppl that you can count on its hard to find =(

and all those some people u mentioned i think everyone is doing so bah, just different priorities as one's time is limited.

seriously, I already know who would care for me =) thanks hehe

Yi Ling said...

meh. that was sweet :D :D :D i like that kind of friends. we wont talk for very long, then out of the blue, "i miss you leh". haha. it's damn sweet XD whee.

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