Monday, November 03, 2008

Old School Party - Stuffs from the Past

Old School Party will not be Old School Party without all these stuffs.

Do you remember having a toy you loved so much that you brought it out whenever your parents bring you out, be it going out to dine or going to shopping malls to shop.

Do you remember lying down on the bed the whole day reading comic books and falling asleep eventually.

Do you remember fighting and shouting with your siblings over a toy you love so much u refuse to share with your siblings.

Do you remember crossing the road in front of you school or walking pass a small pathway to get to the snacks, the shining cards, and all the tit bits and etc during your primary school times.

of course there were more moments that was so deeply sealed in our minds.

Seriously, I was pretty impressed with everyone bringing their stuffs to this party.

The toys , the snacks

and of course the comic books with other misc stuffs. =)

Other than good job, i have nothing else to say to these peeps.

just view the pictures below yeah, not much words though..

Remember the tamiya/diamond cars you use to played? With engines and wheels and a whole lot of modifications you can do with it??

The various toy figures that we use to play and fight over with.

Young Son Goku and some of the characters from Dragon Ball.

Son Goku looking at a character from Ghost Busters

BB robots or what d arh forgot... hahaha o.O

He-Man in a house with i don't know what else.... hahahaha

Argh... i forgot what is this as well hahahahaha

Simba and his uncle i think.. from Lion King!

playing cards!!! wheeeeee

Sesame street right?? hmmmm

this is really classic hahahahaha damn classic!!

i forgot what is these also.....

other misc stuffs

the comic books!!

well, these are not the comic books i used to read when i'm young, i read those from Japan ones hehe..

and yo!! the snacks!!! hehehehehhee in fact, now at this time when i'm posting this i'm having Ding Dang and Ligo.



*there'll be other parts coming up
*pictures credits by David Cheong and Kelli


Irenelim said...

Wow, impressive toys from the old days!

Anonymous said...

brings back deep memories. thanks

joshuaongys said...

> irenelim : lolx yea good jobs to my frens not me haha

> anonymous : yea indeed it brings back memories.... u're welcome!

Acey Tang said...

Had the same ghostbusters postman figure.

joshuaongys said...

> acey tang : lolx and dust all over it?

piggy~babe*vivi said...

haha~~ great memories..i have some of them too...^^ great job

joshuaongys said...

> piggy~babe*vivi : hehehehhe u're welcome!!

Tiffanie Tan said...

why no barney?? lol!

joshuaongys said...

> tiffanie tan : lolx i think cuz they dont like gua

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