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Old School Party - Student Affairs

You know last time when you're young, when you're still in primary school or maybe for some of you who're like me being outta secondary school already, we used to have lots of lots of memories when we're in schools.

Running here and there, making friends once in a while and offending almost everyone(well we're still kids and its easy to offend people) we know, having your own group of friends perhaps or just being a lone ranger...

Helping teachers out and obeying teachers at all times or another way round disobeying teachers being the naughtiest kid in class....

There're lots of lots of memories...

For me i had lots of memories coming back while looking at the pictures taken in the Old School Party last month.

I remember during primary school, i have to carry this bloody big ass bag as i have to like bring lots of lots of books as one teacher might be teaching a few subjects, so during a same period, the teacher might SUDDENLY request to teach another subject that differs from the original timetable.

There's this KAMUS/DICTIONARY i have to bring as well and not to forgot those endless EXERCISE BOOKS/BUKU LATIHAN we had last time and our OHSONICE pencil box that some of you might be proud of showing off to your friends and the big big water bottle and etc.

All these stuffs are not even enough to be place in the bag that sometimes i have to bring another extra bag with some folders as well. lolx.

Oh well, i was in a Chinese Primary School.

One thing i recalled back from primary school times is i have a crush on this girl who is the assistant class monitor i think, hahaha then she's a girl who wear specs and actually now thinking back, i have no idea why i like her hahahahha... i just know she's my crush la thats all.. yes i know big swt..

Oh and i remember last time there's this so called bad boy in class which i don't understand why many girls like him wan, he's those kinda cool cool guy who seldom smile and was quiet and he have those bad boy look but girls just like him, those were the days when i still don't understand many many things la, now i kind of understand it already hahaha.

Another funny thing i remember was when i'm still young, i will easily like a girl wan, be it people start teasing or u noticed her all of a sudden out of no where, you might find her cute, or pretty in your own way or maybe intelligent or you just got attracted eventually. Yes primary school times i actually liked a few girls. I don't know whether you're the same or not haha.

Talking about a few girls, in class, there's always a few girls who mix together and was like THE HAPPENING GIRLS and most guys will be paying attention on them wan, talking about how cute this girl is, how pretty she was and uh oh how much marks they get as in how intelligent they were la...

Then out of a sudden arh, you'll noticed one guy extremely close with the girl and guys will be jealous of this guy and he'll be damn syiok nuffsaid. xD

Still remember children's day?? I love that day and i think that's one of the day i enjoyed most, decorating the whole class and putting aside all the tables and chairs, getting presents(we have this presents exchange thingy) and many many snacks and sweets and of course play games in a group among the classmates

and of course taking group class photo at the end of the day which record down all our smiles on that day. Talking about that, i wonder where did i place that photo of mine. =(

There're lots more memories which some i don't know how to describe or tell it out, others can be an individual story itself to be told. Happy, Sad, Disappointing, Interesting, Boring, Angry.....

Lots of them. =)

Those were the days. Those were really the days.

The days where things are really really simple, direct and straight forward, people are not fake towards themselves and others, they don't like one person they don't talk to that person. The days where we're still true to ourselves and not being fake here and not smiling in front of someone ending up talking bad about that someone. Yes we're all human and we have our weakness and problems but then isnt there should be an extend and limit for some matter, why some people can be like this and some people can be like that. The more individuals i meet and get to know in this year shows me some really scary facts and i'm really scared i will turn out to become like them in the future.

In fact i think i'm already being somehow like these people. =(

Its just too complicated.

Anyway its nice recalling back all those childhood memories. =D

Those were the days.

*pictures credits by DavidCheong and Kelli

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Katetricia said...


Reading it, make me laugh how silly I was back those years. Carrying Two bags on my little shoulder.

At times, being bullied to ask carry their bags too.. -.-""

Primary not a really good experience, but it was memories. Whole school remembers me for my name, but not for my look. *shrugs*

joshuaongys said...

> katetricia : ahahahahaha good dat made u recalled back some memories and whoa whole scl remembers u for ur name ar!! i was invisible back then leh!!

Katetricia said...

yeah.. I would rather being invisible..

I have a quite unpleasant name (back then I felt that way la, I still don't use that name today, unless its application related stuff) so whole school teases me, making me to built up a low-self esteem me now. :)

joshuaongys said...

> katetricia : we can exchange identities then!! hahaha hmmm nvm la wat was in the past will be left behind, look forward! =D

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