Thursday, November 06, 2008

Timothy Tiah for Prime Minister

Was out on a random "YumCha" session with a few PKs which totally made my day as we were laughing hard on all the lame stuffs we talked about.

Lots of lots of topics were talked about and we had a good time together.

Some topics are really serious sensitive issues which involves religions and beliefs which some of them we had a good laugh at and some of it we just shook our heads with disagreement.

Anyway, one of the short talks that we had is about the US elections. I'm pretty sure every one of you out there knows that for the first time in history a Black Man actually wins the US election and was voted by the people to be the MAN in the WHITE HOUSE.

If you go back time and ask the Americans on matter, you'll have the blacks calling you psycho and the whites rewarding you punches & kicks almost immediately.

We sure know that now its true. It already happened and its on every single headlines around the world. The Americans actually rejoiced with it along with many people around the globe nodding their heads feeling their happiness.

The People in Malaysia??

I bet that there are thousands or even millions of Malaysians are starting to dream of having a NON-MALAY Prime Minister!!

I mean like, WHY NOT??

If there's a Chinese or Indian or even a person that's from the minority race in Malaysia that is capable in helping the nation taking care of the people defending their rights making the day a brighter day for Malaysians....


People will still be skeptical on this matter on a Non-Malay Prime Minister in Malaysia's Future but it happens in America, so i will believe that it will happen. Its just a matter of time. Just go and try google the history of America between the Blacks and the Whites and see how serious was their issues on racism.

For our country now, Malaysia which have LOTS OF MALAYS complaining the government, its just a matter of time. Maybe 100 years. HAHA

Let me tell you what...

In the next Election, i will cast my vote for Party "Nuffnang"

and i will fully support Timothy Tiah for the post of next Prime Minister of Malaysia!!
*if la got such party hah
And on the business plan, a modest target of 300 bloggers within 3 months had been set.

Even with those targets, there were skeptics, not least the two initiators. was launched on 27th Feb 2007 and within the first 3 days, had signed up 300 bloggers. was to follow suit 2 months later on the 30th of April.

Today, there are 40,000 bloggers in both countries, and Nuffnang has received publicity from all corners
Why? You try starting your campaign and project through the internet and gain supports from 40,000 people less within 1 year lah, see can or not!!!!

Yes Timothy Tiah is a Chinese but No i'm not a racist! Seriously I'm OKAY with Indians or people from other race being the prime minister of Malaysia.

Of course not this guy above la, but other people. and when that happens, i believe those graduates that have already gone to overseas for good might move back into Malaysia and settle down here.

After all, Malaysia is a really nice place with lots of good stuffs compared to hundreds of countries over the world. Just that the people who are governing loves playing "Masak-masak" and ignored what they see and hear.

Oh and back to the US election, the happiest person will definitely be Michael Jackson himself. =)


Firdauz takes five said...

Timothy Tiah for prime minister!


support, support


陈一豪 said...

Tan Yee Hou forrr....

Oops sorry Tim heehee.

Oi later we got no boss apamacam?

§pinzer said...

oh goodness pls dun let this happen, all hell will break lose!

i can oredi see what will happen...

no.1 on his list: all women clothing restrictions STRIKE OFF!!

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

not a bad idea eh? then who wants to be his sarah palin? pinky can? LOL!

Pinky said...

hahaha thats a pretty funny one joshua. eh.. I need fake books first if i wanna be Sarah Palin

joshuaongys said...

> firdauz takes five : ahahahha then you'll be his "campaign" manager lar!!

> 陈一豪 : you you for for deputy? lolx ahahaahhaha still got boss la!! just different market only marh!! all nuffnang bloggers turn political bloggers d la!!

> §pinzer : not all exactly lah hahahaha and uh oh u know him very well hahaha!!

> wetwetwater : ahahahha pinky or chingz lorrr sumore who hahaha

> pinky : tenkiu veli mach!! hahaha

Ping Ping said...

eh..then if people wanna dress up like timothy tiah during halloween also can...HAHAH..stick one mole can d..XD

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Eh friend...

Remember, in our PK conversation?... I mentioned that we have to first REGISTER as voter first! Not even registered yet la you but there we were kicking up a fuss when in fact we did not even perform our duties as a citizen... zzz

EVERYBODY register! Then can vote for Joshua Ong... see how he handles it.

joshuaongys said...

> ping ping : ya correcT!! hahahaha den with that ever frenly smile!! =D

> lemuel yee : like what joash said, the election was announced quite early lar hahahaha not i don't know but i cant vote.... haha

ahh nobody will vote for me wan la haha

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