Sunday, November 16, 2008

Directly Accessing Innit Chatbox

Logged on to Innit and found some rather interesting post.

One talking about placing the Innit Chatbox on blogs, a blog post with the innit post id - 45392.

Sorry la no offence but i went o.O almost immediately.

So apparently, this guy saw another guy posting on the same thing earlier on with the innit post id - 45363.

seriously, no scam! By placing a simple Nuffnang widget into our blogs, we can GAIN MORE TRAFFICS TO OUR BLOGS!! Help promote Nuffnang to the world!!!! Chat with other members in your own blog, like!! And increase the number of NANGS!!
If you ask me, i won't buy that. Haha. Why? Go figure it out yourself. =)

No offense yea to the 2 bloggers who posted about this matter, but to me....

i still prefer accessing the Innit Chatbox DIRECTLY on my browser when i feel like chatting there.

to access the chatbox directly, Click on the link below.



3POINT8 said...

I've been accessing directly to the chatbox all these while too.
Lines are longer, can see more conversations. Easier to chat.

I first found it out by
1) right clicking on the chatbox
2) Click 'This Frame"
3) Click 'Open frame in new window'

Jordan said...

lol i kena own3d kau kau.

kudos mate, nice 1.

Yatz said...

i thought what you wanna say about that tim..mana tau nothing special..

it's just that u REALLY prefer direct access to Innit Chatbox..LOL

BLue said...

support josh, i still wanna visit innit la...

Harry said...

lolz.. kinda true.. lolz.. bigger screen. but me still prefer innit neh! lolz! no need idrect access unless very laggy

joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : ahahaha i found that url through my blog referrals actually hehe

> jordan : ehhh dont la =) peace

> yatz : lolx what you tot *wink wink*

> blue : ahahahahahaha i still visit innit but when i jz wana chat den jz go dat link lor hehehe

> harry : yes there are times tat its VERY VERY lag.. =D

Anonymous said...

cool. =)

tZeLih said... image liao...cuz i swear in the cbox...hahahahaha

tZeLih said...

die lahh..later everyone thinks im real gay....

joshuaongys said...

> kenwooi : =D hehehe

> tzelih : lolx at first i have no idea what are u toking about cuz i didnt realize what is in the cbox in the image i captured... now i know hahaha

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