Friday, November 28, 2008

The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96

I was practically jumping up and down when i received an email from Nuffnang that i'm actually through the first round of the N96 Race and so here i am posting this "last minute" post to get myself qualify for the next round.
*i couldn't decide on how to do this post =(

and they ask me what's the wackiest i would do to Race for N96....

Actually, what act would you consider as wacky?

Modifying your beloved car like in the picture above? [1]

Staying one floor above hundreds for a couple of hours and falling asleep up there? [2]

Going all the way to the heart of Kuala Lumpur just to stay still for 5 minutes without anything in return? [3]

or (this is bad, do not try it) smashing people's windscreen just because you don't like them! [4]

maybe performing some "fake" magic/stunts in front of everyone taking the risk of being boo by the crowd. [5]

The wackiest i would do to race for the phone?


I would modify my car for the day to come [1] and smash people's windscreen [4] on the day itself and perhaps perform some stunts to divert the attention of other's [5] and standing one level above the others [2] and the best part of it? I might get nothing in return [3] risking being beaten up by everyone going all out doing those stuffs i mentioned above.



AfeaZD said...

Hi joshua,

Anything for the n96,love the spirit

hi,just come to visit,nice blog u have here :)

AfeaZD @

joshuaongys said...

> AfeaZD : thanks =D hehe

l a b e l s


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