Friday, November 21, 2008

Iron Chef Anyone?

Since ages ago, there are lots of cooking television program that serves as guides to those viewers at home. One well known program which is similar in Malaysia is "Chef Wan" and thats many years back.

And along the years, these cooking program have evolved in some ways. Such programs, most of them that gets attention from a big range of viewers are the ones with competitions, dramas and there are different themes each episodes.

Of all these kind of entertainment/education television programs, i only followed one closely before. The one that was aired in Hong Kong that features different female artist each episodes where the few female artists will compete and come out with the best dish according to theme.

The lady iron chef (美女廚神) is the name and that whole series went on for only 2 seasons if i'm not mistaken. Of course, that show is more towards entertainment purpose where i watch because of the various Hong Kong artists featured.

and do you know one of the earliest "cooking drama" television show that have made a name can be traced back to 1993 and its from Japan. Iron Chef Japan is one of the most famous cooking show that have gathered a large amount of viewers and fans all over the world and America even adapted the series and came out with Iron Chef America.

Anyway, Asian Food Channel, the region's only 24-hour food channel dedicated to airing the best food and lifestyle programming from around the region and around the world will be bringing Iron Chef in and airing it on AFC.

AFC will be featuring competition between some of the world's greatest chefs as they compete against each other in the over-the-top Kitchen Stadium.

So, for the foodies around that some of them might be a die hard fan of Iron Chef, this should be a good news for them!


Iron Chef premieres on AFC on Wednesday, November 26 2008 at 10 pm.

For your information , AFC broadcasts on:
* Starhub Channel 69 (Singapore)
* Astro Channel 703 (Malaysia)
* First Media Digital 1 Channel 76 (Indonesia)
* Prime Indovision Channel 22 (Indonesia)
* now TV Channel 527 (Hong Kong)
* Skycable Channel 58 (Philippines)


Muhammad Atif Ikram said...

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joshuaongys said...

> Muhammad Atif Ikram : thanks =)

renaye said...

ooh. i have seen the HK version and american version too. not bad. and surprising to see some celebrity can cook!

joshuaongys said...

> renaye : aahaha the HK version u saw, is it same as the one i watched?? all female 1 wor.. hahaha aiya celebrity are still humans ma =D

Lynn said...

I don't really like the HK version one. I think the celebrities wasted so MUCH food =(

joshuaongys said...

> Lynn : lolx true true true, they wasted damn alot food but well that's for entertainment purpose... God knows how many other stuffs were wasted as well..

synical said...

Having seen both, I now prefer the American one because it's current - at least I recognise who the judges are and I've seen the Iron Chefs on the Food Network before...

joshuaongys said...

> synical : i didn't watch both either, haha jz dat i find the history of the iron chef program pretty interesting =D

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