Thursday, November 20, 2008

Girls Nowadays

Not long ago, i added this person on Facebook whom i knew a few years back through some dance event.

and i chatted with him on Facebook and the conversation went on like this.

4.50pm MrH
Helo Mr Joshua, long time no see

hey hi hahaha yea very very long already
since ermmm when ar dance conference?

4:55pm MrH
I see you have grown into a handsome young man now. Me, age really catching up

i'm not hahaha you've been cheated by pictures

Well, still ,when you are young , you tend to look better

no... i have lots of pimples O.O

Getting matured then

hahahah dats what most ppl say

Dont worry lah, girls dont care about pimples one, they care about what you have in your poket

hahahaha which i dont have

It was a short conversation and it ended there and i had a good laugh then and then.

So what am i trying to say here? I'm saying that nowadays, the world around us have change very much and its really really different from what we used to listen - those grandmother love stories of ages ago which are really really very encouraging, inspiring that gives you hope in a relationship.

Story like a girl and a guy insist in getting together, having their own family despite their poor condition and environment, especially financially, both of them didn't give up on each other and they went through the hardships together.

Girls nowadays are really pretty materialistic. Though not all but MOST of them are.

Lets not say about other places, just in KL alone, for guys, you don't have a car, you don't have money, the percentage of you getting a girlfriend AND LAST for a long time is extremely low. You need money for everything. In most cases, the girl will expect the guy to pay for everything whenever they go out, everything including petrol money, money for food and the money to buy other misc stuffs. Slowly, girls from other states are also having the same mentality already.

BARE in mind, it's a relationship and it is in BOTH ways.

I've heard about a girl that have a boyfriend that loves her very much and they are both quite a couple among their group of friends. But this specific girl, though admit loving the boyfriend very much, and they were happy together, all of a sudden, she dumped the boyfriend and went to couple with a rich dude who beats her up occasionally and the rich dude is pretty "flowery", AND STILL the girl don't want to go back to her ex-bf even though the ex-boyfriend said that he don't mind getting back with her.

and there are lots of stories out there which is similar to this which i'm sure you've heard of it before.

I understand that girls want to find someone whom they can count on and is financially stable, but in life, everything can't be perfect. Furthermore, THESE so called guys whom girls normally think THEY can count on and is "financially stable" nowadays are normally those spoiled kids who is spending their dad's money like water and these girls are stupid enough to think that THEY CAN CHANGE THEM!!

It's not a wrong thing to find some guy like that, but do look around before you aim for "gold eggs". There might be suitable guy for you around, though not very rich but is financially stable and these guys are able to give happiness.

Of course, there are still girls that are totally different from what i said above, girls that are so rare nowadays that most of them are already taken, some are even married leading a happy life.

and adding on on that, of course there are guys that are such a "lubangbuntut" that they don't appreciate those girls that have been there for them.

i'm not in a position to say ALL girls are like that but from what i see, most of the girls around are like that. =X

Why did i write in a way that you might think i'm biased is because i've seen many guys around me, guys who are really good, guys who will surely be loyal to their gfs if they have one but failed in getting one because the girls around them are somehow like what i've said above.

By the way, Friendster is really getting more and more crappier.


suanie said...

like u said, many different type of girls out there. a guy once told me, that girls are only looking for 2 types of guys -- someone who has made it, or someone who is going to make it. very true.

anthraxxxx said...

Likewise there are guys who dream of getting busty girlfriends with hourglass figure whom they can bonk every single day. Tits must look like Pamela Anderson, lips must look like Angelina Jolie, face must look like Jessica Alba. But then not EVERY guys are like that but MOST of them are. Sad but true. The world is pretty balance I would say kakakakkaa....

Cutie said...

Well, it's both ways. I totally agree with you that most girls are materialistic. But there are girls who are not popular, not very attractive, simple type of girl who can't find a bf because of who they are. So you see, it's the same for both genders. And I can tell you, there are still a lot of nice girls out there available. Just be patient and open your eyes wide enough to look around and you will see some great amazing single girls which you will never imagine in your life.

Andrew said...

hahha.. cutie... he's attached at the moment la.. dun la say until like dat...

but i would say that it's a bit balance between both sexes in how they see things and what they look for though.. honestly..

ultimately, i would say that personality is still the utmost important factor!! =D

joshuaongys said...

> suanie : yeh thats true dat girls look for dat 2 types of guys but many guys out there are not in that category or not yet in that category, then these girls will end up being with a rich dude and getting hurt at the end of the day....

> anthraxxxx : dream and reality is different thing, in dream girls will of cuz wan to get lengzai who is rich who is caring who is loving who is blablablablabla but dats not impossible they know and seriously i dont know about other ppl but my circle of friends, most guys don't really have a MUST HAVE clause dat Tits must look like Pamela Anderson, lips must look like Angelina Jolie, face must look like Jessica Alba, many of my guy friends as i know, their requirements are pretty low. Not like the girls nowadays who demand for a guy who muz have a car and must have spending power and must be this must be that =D

> Cutie : ehh actually right, from what i notice lar, the type of girls you mentioned,girls who are not popular, not very attractive, simple type of girl, THEY are the ones who have boyfriend and is stable in their relationship and i've heard those pretty ones who are attractive complaining they cant get one lolx

> andrew : oik shhhh hhahahahaha and yeh personality huh??

Phoebe said...

haha i blog hopped..
anyway i totally agree with what you said and Cutie said, but like you said, not all girls are like that, still but, there's like so few of them are really good ones. i mean not materialistic. From what i see, i see what u saw too. haha complicated.
but guys are also materialistic at times. haha. wanted to write a post about guys from what i see, when they're in relationship how they changed. but got no time, after exam la. i'll write it. hehe.

JustJasmine said...

I go for a guy who is stable in everything. Emotionally and of course financially too. I aim for STABILITY, that's it.

If he's rich, I give him extra points. Haha :)

Yi Ling said...

i dont think credibility should come in monetary terms. it should be earned :X heh. that's my personal opinion.

Cathy said...

yes..friendster is getting
i received that kinda msges too..lols..about your post,quite true but not all girls are like that..well, not people around me..

BLue said...

I once had an ex who's staying with his family and i don't mind but we didn't last long.

Recently I had a good friend who's not in a good financial condition, but I guess he backed off being a little too looked down on his status?

We girls in times also can't get what's with guys, not all girls are intro guys' wallet. We can earn our own and maybe better???

I just need a guy who is strong emotionally cause I'm pretty unstable in this area :p

Kevin said...

Hi there

From long, long ago, women look up to men to support them; thus, it's pretty obvious that many cling on to men with their pockets full of cash and the 5C (cash, credit card, car, condominium...what's the other one?). If you have the looks and the 5Cs, rest assured you'll not be single for long.

But i'm not being a sexist. Men are often stupid enough to fall prey to these women who want only their properties and their beefy body.

It's rather difficult to get women who look for partners who are stable but not necessarily born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Maybe this has got something to do with the economic downturn too :)

Li- Jiet said...

Some guys are the same. Looking for hot chicks and all. Chicks aren't everything. Even though they are alot, they aren't EVERYTHING. lol

respect said...

mr ong, i do not know you and i don't have anything against you. But i would really appreciate that you remove the photos you've posted in relation to this post. i'm in one of the photos above and you have absolutely no right to use the photo in your blog for such articles. first of all, you do not know any of the girls therefore you do NOT have their permission to use those photographs. secondly, you are not the photographer therefore you are also infringing on their copyrights. and thirdly, i can sue you for defamation and harassment for using for my photo in relation this article. i do not appreciate being related to the things that you've written in your article. i do not know you, therefore i do not appreciate my photos being used in such a manner. you might have good intentions in posting such an article but you've clearly forgotten what it means to RESPECT others. I've already printscreened your page, and i'm respecting you by giving you an official 24 hour warning before i make complaints to the official departments.thank you.

joshuaongys said...

> Phoebe : you saw what i saw too? haha yes its indeed complicated oh great if you do write one about guys do tell me know i wana read =)

> JustJasmine : Thumbs up for you den!! =D

> YiLing : but u see not many people think like wat u think.... =(

> Cathy : yea i'm saying most girls mah =D

> Blue : understood what u say, then its ur fren who need to accept the fact like dat and not backing off jz becuz of lidat ler... ahaha dats of the prob with guys den =D

and yeh i know wat u mean getting such a guy...

> Kevin : HAHA i understand what you say that's why i'm thinking on a post about guys nowadays as well =D i don't totally stand on the side of guys also haha

> Li- Jiet : =D yep they aren't anything just like what i wana say guys with money is not everything as well.. same thing =)

> respect : First of all, i don't intend to do any harm to any of the person in the pictures above as i didn't mention that the people i mention in my post here ARE any of the people in the pictures.

Secondly, fyi, I AM THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR ALL THE PICTURES above except for the 1st picture, i used my digital camera in that event and those are indeed the pictures i took LAST YEAR while i'm attending it in bkt jalil.

but of course, after reading your comment here, i know i might somehow hurt/offended u in some ways and i apologize for that.

you can request to remove which SPECIFIC picture in this post but not ALL the pictures.

After all, this is just an article in this LOUSY LITTLE BORING BLOG of mine where there're only a handful of visitors each day and i believe if there's damage done, its not big.

Furthermore, i didn't link ANYBODY or ANYTHING i post in this post with ANYBODY in the pictures above.

Lastly, how sure are you that i do not know any of the girls above? =)

and thank you for respecting me, really appreciate it very much!

Sue Me said...

The Internet Law in Malaysia is not strong enough to actually sue someone for harassment and defamation of personal opinions in a blog. Unless Joshua wrote something sensitive like the politics, somebody could bloody printscreen it and send it to the official. I guess some people just don't know the law eh?

I don't see why not one person cannot post his own pictures. Perhaps that somebody should read carefully before making a judgement without much consideration of reading the post properly.

Threatening to sue someone using a piece of printscreen that he/she is unsure of is definitely not a very wise choice. In fact, that somebody might get countersue for making a fool of himself/ herself.

Joshua Kor, don't you agree with what I said?

joshuaongys said...

> Sue Me : aha thanks =) hugss

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

omg..... how come my pic in there~~~~~~~ >.<

and i very materialistic 1 :D

joshuaongys said...

> 阿棗 陳 Zoe : lolx u say gah i didnt say!

lovie said...

I guess I will have to agree with you that most girls are materialistic, and we are indeed finding someone who we can rely on, and not to worry about financial problems.

But, money is not everything. If he doesn't love me or care for me enough, no point being together, right?

joshuaongys said...

> lovie : yeh money is not everything but most girls will just learn the lesson the hard way then.. some went over it and didnt care whether the guy love or care for them anymore, sad case for them but its good u think so =D

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