Friday, November 21, 2008

Midnight Random Yum Cha Session

It was a shitty day with lots of shitty stuffs and i even skipped dinner because of that and when it got worst in the middle of the night, i was invited to a chatroom all of a sudden. =D

by my fellow college mates. One girl all guys in the chatroom. They are a bunch of people who are funny in their way at times and these are the ones who is in the same tutorial group as i am for the past few semester. Yesh i'm in a different tutorial group currently thanks to the idiotic people in TARC who loves doing stupid things esp in my very last semester and i was changed to a different group along with other people because of our names.

Last time they compile the name lists according to the first name in your IC and mine is JOSHUA so start with J and now they compile the name lists according to the sur name and mine is ONG so start with O. That's why. Zzz.

Anyway, a random YumCha session was called and a few of us came out.

Went to this "romantic" mamak place in Jalan Ipoh, Uma Rani and we had a good time together.

Though not in the same tutorial group anymore, i still enjoy their company.

Kind of made me feel better after what happened.



Cheddarina said...

The effect of the photos is nice. It's been a long time that I didn't go to Jalan Ipoh.

joshuaongys said...

> Cheddarina : though i think it sucks compared to other ppl's effect on photos thanks hehehe hmm why very long didnt go d??

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