Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Local Bands Aren't Bad At All

I've always wanted to go to places at night where there's a band performing and its not like a concert kinda function, just a small little place with a few friends feeling all cozy and comfortable.

and frankly speaking, i totally have no idea that where in Kuala Lumpur have such places to hang out in the night. Even if i know my old group of friends won't have the same interest as me and go to such small scale events.

Going alone sounds pretty sad as i would most probably be at one little corner and rather than enjoying myself, i'll be emo-ing. Lolx

and so, when i got to know that last week, there's this Time Out KL event : On The Up which features local bands. Immediately, i thought to myself that i must attend it. Furthermore, some of my friends will be going as well.

and it was a fun and awesome session. Really really awesome session.

This is the first band that performed that night.

An Honest Mistake.

They were pretty okay actually and in fact i think most guys eyes were on the female guitarist lmao. YES that includes me and i won't deny it. I find girls who can play musical instrument a bit more interesting. =)
* my girl can play piano and sing well gahhahahaha =D

Well, the band itself, will it be an honest mistake itself or will it be a mistake that people don't notice them in the local scene, all that, that's gonna be judged by time.

The next band that performed is quite some band over at NOKIA IAC. First introduced to them during the Nokia IAC event @ Zouk a few months back and then saw them again during Nuffnang Halloween party.

Alaling and the Kaya Koks.

This is a band i like since Nokia IAC times and i just love Alaling's voice. Hope that more people will notice this band in the future. =D

The next band is a newly formed band

The Bassment Syndicate

I have no idea that whether they have a singer or not but that night they appeared as an instrumental band. 2 Bassist and a Drummer. Awesome? No but just nice. =D i do think that one of the bassist have problem playing along the other 2 people but overall they are fine.

Well being a noob musician myself, i don't really have the qualification to judge people. =X

As usual, in most events, big or small, they will save the best for the end and this specific band actually have really good musicians in it and the singer they were pretty good.

Rendra Zawawi and Band

The musicians were good and i think that Rendra's voice is really good but not much people out there would appreciate that type of voice though.

and that's the very last band of the night but there was a surprise for the people that night.
Though i don't know about this person, she actually is quite someone over the internet.

Apparently, this girl was born with a voice from the old times and she can really make you go OMG with her voice. A singer/songwriter who have 7k subscribers and 175k channel views on Youtube. O.O

KokoKaina is her nickname and she's Zee Avi.
[ Click here - Kokokaina Youtube's Page ]

leftmost girl - KokoKaina/Zee Avi

So yea, do go online and check out the bands and individuals mentioned above. Support local music.

They aren't as bad as we think and in my opinion, some of their voice are even better than some famous artists out there in the overseas, just that in Malaysia.......... I shall not continue what i think. =X

Seriously, that's quite a good job to TimeOut KL featuring local bands so that more people can get to see how the scene is in Malaysia esp. in Kuala Lumpur.

I enjoyed myself. Am Looking forward to the one in December!!!

After all, Local Bands Aren't Bad At All. xD

*do head to Nigel's blog to view some of the performances that he recorded!

*pictures credits to David and Fuzz.


Cutie said...

Wahliao, you update a bit a lot rite. Yeah, I miss those games we used to play when we were a kid. Oh, you forgot the flag eraser game as well whereby the eraser that manage goes on top of the other one wins. How I miss those old days.

joshuaongys said...

> Cutie : lolx i update mmg alot when i damn semangat hahahahahah and yeh actually we have those!! hahahahah but no one played it =(

BLue said...

Support local music industry. Don't forget to buy the original since you can meet them up close and get their autograph :)

joshuaongys said...

> BLue : lmao haven meet some band i love damn much yet... now its just okok nice nice lidat nia so yea.. hehe

eMz said...

cool photos. ^_^

joshuaongys said...

> eMz : thanks there =D

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