Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some local Stand-up Comedy Perhaps?

Last Thursday was rather different. I was out at night to relax myself listening to some comedy acts by some local individuals.

It was quite a hidden place. At least to me it is. I don't really know that there's this place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A rather small and cozy venue during normal working hours.

But that night, it was different.

The whole place was packed with people till they have to stop people coming in from the entrance. I didn't know that local personalities would receive such a big response. Even from people from the overseas.

A bid thanks to TimeOut of course for these people to have an own stage of their own.

These are the people who was entertaining us the whole night. Faisal, Yugi, Alfred and Zac were the ones who shared jokes that can be applied to the people in Malaysia. Yes, some of the people from oversea was confused at some point of the jokes.

The latest bond movie quantum of solace have a malay translation "Ketenangan Di Dunia Yang Penuh Kesengsaraan" and Spiderman is "Orang Labah-Labah"

But do you know what is Spiderman 3 in Malay?

3 orang labah-labah....

That's one small little part of the entertaining night which caught the laugh and smiles of Malaysians but not the people from overseas as they were puzzled.


Of course, the host of the night was great as he was there to ensure the night went well. Awesome job. =)

at the end of the day, this is the most important thing. The companies i had that night.

Along with me - HsuJen, Yatz, Kelli, Nigel, David, Aaron, Simon.

it was awesome right?? =D

and yea before i forgot, Time Out Comedy Thursday happens every 1st Thursday of the month and its only RM20 per entry. A break out from the hectic & stressful life in KL for just RM20 isn't that bad right??

But if that's bad for you, then this would be a good news. You can have a 50% discount. Head here for more information!

If RM10 is still a problem for you then, go ahead and bang your head on the wall alright? =)

During one of the breaks. xD

So, i assume that i will see you the next Comedy Thursday aite?? =)


Jen said...

joshua we lap joo too!!


joshuaongys said...

> jen : lolx you will be crazy the next first thurs of the month.. =D

jessica said...

hey, i didn't know there is a local comedy place in the heart of kl! now how do i get there?

joshuaongys said...

> jessica : you can logon to timeoutkl website to find more info! =D

Dan Fontaine said...

Looks like a blast! More people than we get at shows here in NYC! Keep it up!

joshuaongys said...

> dan fontaine : yeaps!! cheers!!

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