Friday, July 31, 2009

Men look for Sex and Women look for Affection

It was yet another random conversations i had.
With a random anonymous girl on MSN. Read on...

joshuaongys says:
ask u
men need sex and women need affection
agree or not?
anonymous says:
haha not really
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
women need affection
guys need trust and approval
joshuaongys says:
trust and approval
anonymous says:
hmm well
like if a guy feels like his gf accepts him for who he is, and not try to make him change
and trusts him in whatever he does, and approves whatever he does
then he can love better
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
thats why guys dont like it when girls say "maybe we should ask for directions"
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
he will feel like the girl dont trust him, like he dont know how to go to that place
joshuaongys says:
pls tell every other girls dat!
anonymous says:
guys need love and care and all la
but trust and approval comes first
followed by the rest
do you think thats true
joshuaongys says:
in some way yes its true
can u like go tell every other girl in this world
cuz many girls out there are like, i wana change my guy i wana change my guy yer why he like dat wan this dat...
anonymous says:
its like that wan la
joshuaongys says:
and sometimes i wonder den why at the first place u accept him duh
anonymous says:
cause guys and girls are diff, you should know
girls think that there's always room for improvement
joshuaongys says:
so sometimes u're lidat also lo hahaha
anonymous says:
when they love something, they will try to make it better
i try not to be lor
but it's girl's nature
guys is like if something is fine, don't fix it
it takes training la
girls show their love by offering suggestions and all
but guys "respect" each other by not offering help unless they are asked
two different things
but if a guy feels that his gf loves and accepts him
he himself will try to change himself
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
like decide to go gym etc
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
yaaaaaaaa true right
i noticed too
i tell my boy that
and after a while, he wants to diet and all
joshuaongys says:
u genius
why u so clever wan
anonymous says:
i read a book
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
so bad
at least i learn ok -_-
everyone should read lor
if not they would never understand
girls think that guys should think like them
joshuaongys says:
shud go thru it b4
anonymous says:
vice versa
joshuaongys says:
better than reading it
anonymous says:
we all go through it
just dont realize
joshuaongys says:
how bout guys side hmmm
jz now was on the girls side
tell me bout the guys side
anonymous says:
what about guys side?
joshuaongys says:
wat should guys do
how guys act generally
anonymous says:
well like i said just now, guys offer solution only when they are asked
if you noticed, girls like to complain
esp if they have a bad day
and guys will always try to "fix it"
best thing to do is listen
and try to understand
and just let them talk until puas
when puas, tell them like
"oh you had such a bad day, let me give you a hug"

and the conversation went on and wandered of somewhere else eventually. Anyways, its some common general stuffs/problems among boys and girls/men and women. Started from a statement that i heard previously from someone - "Men look for Sex and Women look for Affection".

From what i think, generally, Men do not look for sex ultimately but YES Women DO look for affection ultimately. In this age where most people insist on equal rights for both females and males, the strong almighty position of the males is really weakening already throughout the years and the more softer side of the males were shown with more females being independent having full control of their own lives.

Being on the side of the male myself, i must say that acceptance and understanding is what i'm looking for, and of course affection as well which involves love and care.

With lotsa girls nowadays who tried very hard to change every bit of their bf nowadays rather than totally accepting them for who they are, i find it pretty funny that why at the first place they would want to be with the guy then. Well of course, no offence to the girls, its something most girls need to go through.

Same goes to the guys, that we need to be a little bit more sensitive, less forgetful, and paying more attention to the girlfriend plus other more stuffs to cover as well being in a relationship. With that saying, i am still in the life-long process of learning. Not an easy lesson but it's definitely a very interesting and rewarding one i must say. =)

and about how this whole blog post was started with the statement :
"Men look for Sex and Women look for Affection".

There's a reason why God put us human as the rulers of the world and not any other living beings on earth and obviously, there's a big difference between dogs and humans. That's if you understand what i'm saying.
*of course, there's always some exception where some people are in a very sick & serious state already getting addicted to it. and i do believe that every single person seeks love ultimately.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hennessy Artistry 25 July 2009 @ Bukit Kiara

The recent Hennessy Artistry event at Bukit Kiara was really crazy. Being able to attend it last year, i knew that this time round would be big and fun as well. All thanks to Nuffnang, and of course Nicholas & Yatz.. xD

It was already 11pm when i reach the place as i have some personal matters to attend to, and again, thanks to Nuffnang, i get to park inside the area which means i don't have to be like the people who park their car faraway from the venue. Some parked as far as across the road like 15 minutes walk from the place. Crazy party animals. =X

Upon entering the place, i realize that the placement of areas were completely different compared to last year's one which i think it was much better. There were more place to walk. Lolx

and of course, the crowd was massive. There was even a crazy long line of people out of the venue waiting to get into the place when i reached around 11PM.

The amount of people who were there, i bet you can get to know lots of new friends if you were to go a few rounds randomly talking to people. and because it is a Hennessy Artistry event, you can go ahead and get unlimited glass of free drinks for the girls. Haha.

Dominique Tsai was performing when i just got there and she is good. Then i started seeing familiar faces here and there.

Nicholas had 7 cups already i think and he's still obviously awake but Horng's face is like super red already. I wonder how many cups he down. Lolx
*ok la so from the comments, Horng said that's his first glass.

then shortly after that, someone tap my shoulder and there goes another random meeting.

It was my first time meeting Joanna. xD

then i saw both ShuJian and Ren who had a few cups already and they were chilling aside.

One turn behind and i saw a bunch of bloggers having fun dancing, touching, flirting, making out and etc. Uh oh did i just said something wrong? I mean they were having fun themselves, probably had excessive alcohol from the free flow that night already then.

It was then i bumped into Jolyn, the Penang blogger who traveled all the way to KL to attend this happening event she heard since last year.

then Su Ann was seen just arriving at the scene with a few of her friends. So many people already. No chance to talk with every single one of them. T_T

Jamie Bunny was there as well!! =D

I was busy keeping in touch with some certain people where i totally ignored who was performing and such till this dude came up.

Fat Man Scoop. Many people claimed that he sucked because when he was up there, they kept playing the music for a short period of time and then stop and played another different music and stop again and this process was repeated. Some say that it was because he is fat. I don't really care anyways but that repeating process was how i stopped a while and wonder who was the one on stage haha. Good way to attract attention.

Met Cracz And Shanz. The family with their name added with a Z behind, just like Yatz. Haha. and i'm pretty sure both of them had fun cause i've read what shanz said. LOL.

Miss Yap was there as well working as an official photographer. If any of you do frequent Hypertune Magazine then i'm sure you've seen her pictures there before.
*and uh oh she's single. =X

The night went on with more people having more glasses of Hennessy enjoying the music and of course the company. Most of the invited artists have already performed by 12AM and it was all up to Mr SAM to entertain the crowd for the rest of the night.

There were these dancers on stage when Mr SAM was doing his thing but everyone else was not paying attention at the stage. Lol. At least that was what i saw, people were drinking like there's no tomorrow

Fat Man Scoop was seen in the crowd taking pictures with his fans.

and here are more pictures of the people i met there.

At the end of the night, some were bored like JoleneLai and her friends...

but some people were amazingly energetic and hyped up!!

like HsuJen the queen of Hennessy.

and DavidCheong the king of Hennessy.
Go visit their royal blogsite yah Roflmao.

Had a quick picture with the royalties and the almighty Yatz. There were loads more of people there which i've heard and seen but didn't really talk much with and that alone i left for the next occasion to do so bah.

However, it was still fun capturing some random rare people where i won't really meet daily as well as some of the usual people i meet quite frequently.

Random rare people like XueZane, ex-National Service mate. A few years ago that is. xD

Usual people like Zoe. Nuff said. =)

and so yea, that's the night. A night that have not much difference to me compared to other nights with such similar events. Such events that serve a main purpose for me meeting people and keeping in touch with them because there are certain people that is so hard to ask to hang out together even if its as simple as a YumCha session.

About the event itself, i somehow think that the lineup this year is not as good as last year's one, i was more interested in the lineup last year including Flo Rida and Machi where i have not much clue about the ones this year. Maybe its just me myself and of course i don't mean that the ones this year sucks, just not as good as i've expected. =)

However, the Party Zone Plan was awesome. Lol. I would still say that it is a good event bah.

Despite the car crash after the event and the departure with someone important, the event was one of the small thing that had me holding my smile at the end of day. It was great meeting every one of you who was there that night.

Till then. *smile*

Facebook Album on Hennessy Artistry 25 July 2009 @ Bukit Kiara

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Rematch of Manchester United VS Malaysia XI.

Did anyone watch the friendly match just yesterday? The match Manchester United thrashed Hang Zhou Greentown 8-2?!! 10 goals in a match man!! Crazy. And do you know that Liverpool thrashed Singapore 5-0 as well earlier yesterday? Speechless...

Anyways, back to the start of this Manchester United Asia Tour 2009...

I was already very happy being able to be there watching them play against MalaysiaXI where the match was filled with lots of soccer entertainment. and when i know that there's a second match 2 days later, i decided to watch it as well.

It was a last minute decision made by the authorities that they will play in Malaysia again due to the bombing that happened in Indonesia. Quite a sad case i thought as the Indonesia fans failed to catch a glimpse of the English Champions. Boo to the bombing culprits. Brainless morons they are.

Anyway, it was after work that i headed to the stadium after meeting up with MikeYip at one of the train station. With the help of Nigel, we got our tickets which is RM58 each.

Compared to the first day of the match itself, this second match have a lesser crowd in expectation. It was the case obviously as its a working day itself. Not everyone is as crazy/stupid as me. xD

But there's still quite alot of stalls around the stadium selling foods and drinks to the people around. They were desperate for sales and even stick near to the entrance into the stadium in attempts getting more money for themselves.

Compared to the first match where the entrances to the stadium were crowded with fans all around, you can see that its quite quiet on the second match itself. Awesome? Lolx.

Fans were cheering with passion and they even did this Invisible Mexican Wave. O.O

At the same time, there were morons who have no idea what are they doing, wearing other team's jerseys to watch the match. If ever they do that in UK, i'm pretty sure they'll be beaten up or so, ending up in quite a bad condition because of their stupidity. Gah.

I wonder how much these cost.

As usual, there were warm up sessions by both teams.

and some *ahem* camwhoring sessions. HAHA Met up with Andrew with 2 unexpected meetings. Satkuru and Cedric that is. Totally Random ones. xD

It was a slightly different starting lineup this time with Owen and Macheda pairing up at the attacking line. A combination which i was interested in knowing the outcome as well.

There's a moment of silence in remembrance of the people who passed away in the Indonesia bombing incident right before the match.

The match started soon and just 10minutes after the game started, Macheda scored a goal against Malaysia where i was kinda expecting it. Not because i look down at the Malaysian side, but because of the last minute arrangement of the second match where the Malaysian side would be tired from the first match itself. and obviously, a team that plays regular soccer on a tight schedule compared with the Malaysian team, you can't really expect much from the Malaysian side.

during break time.

Not long after the first goal, Owen scored the second goal and secured the win with that goal. It was just 2 minutes after the first one.

The rest of the match were played pretty well by both sides and i am still amazed by the Malaysian side that they managed to defend well and stop a series of attacks by the English side despite the short 1 day resting time in between 2 matches.

There's a specific period in the 2nd half where no interesting attacks were made till Malaysia substitute a few of their players where they showed that the fight is not over yet posing a few threats to Manchester United.

Anyhow, the match ended 2-0 with 2 early goals and that was the rematch that is.

A not so interesting game of course but i couldn't ask for more after watching my favourite team in action 2 times in 3 days time. It was a crazy experience!!

Now that the Red Devils have won all 4 pre-season games in their tour to Asia, i hope that Ferguson is able to find the winning formula for the upcoming season with the Michael Owen that looks promising so far.

as for our own country, Malaysia, We shall see how things goes bah. xD

Oh and do you know that in the second match, there were more people supporting Malaysia compared to Manchester United?

A good sign i must say!

Facebook Album of the Rematch between Manchester United & Malaysia XI

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