Saturday, July 11, 2009

Keretapi Tidak Maju - KTM

I remember that the first time i used the KTM train service was soemtime around Form 2-3 where i'll head to the city center with some of my friends during the weekend to some malls. Mid Valley in most cases.

Back then, it was quite annoying that they'll always announce that there's this technical error/failure and the train will be late all the time thus making the waiting time to be extremely long.

It is one of the most painful time when you're waiting for the train at KTM stations knowing you have stuffs to do and need to head to the destination asap before a certain time and suddenly there's this announcement saying that the train will be late for 45 minutes.

Taking such public transport prove to be a pain in my ass throughout my college life. I have to bare with it because i have no choice at all being not lucky enough to be like other youths who got a free car to drive straight after they get their license.

and so its been quite some time already since i last take a public transport, specifically one whole year for KTM trains. Just last week, i took the KTM train again and...

It appears that their service remain unchanged with no improvement at all.

Trains arrives late and the interval between each train is very long. Like 30 minutes.
Trains will stop somewhere in the middle of the track all of a sudden for like 20-40 minutes. Sudden Randomness.


and the government encourages people to take more public transport. How? Tell me la HOW!

the best thing of all is i have to go through all this KTM train shit all over again when i start working. Gah. and i have yet mentioning that i have to deal with the RapidKL buses as well!! ROAR!!!

Why can't KTM trains be like LRT trains where the interval between trains are like 5 minutes only?



Xjion89 said...

Yalor, KTM really lousy! Since I hv to take it every day, already fed up!

I hate when they delay the train! Every day must delay once or twice!

LiLacFlA said...

haha i laugh hard by just reading th title. quite right.

well i hate using so called KTM, monorail, rapid whatsoever.

delay, crowded, pickpocket, sexmaniac blah blah blah

but no choice neither. huhu

CWKen said...

spot on man. Seriously I would avoid ktm at all cost n take lrt instead.

apparently ktm's the only choice u have. Shit man they shud take that crap down n put lrt everywhere instead =.=

Anonymous said...

KTM runs on the main railway lane, together with main trains from Hat Yai all the way to Singapore.. impossible to have trains within 5 minutes interval la.. lol

LRT is possible because they have their dedicated railway lane for themselves..

but yeah, it always tak maju la.. tsk tsk tsk.. =P

joshuaongys said...

> Xjion89 : more than twice la lol mmg lousy!!

> LiLacFIA : hahaha dats wat my friend told me when i complaint this thus giving me this title of this post hahha

monorail is better than ktm ler... =(

> CWKen : yah only choice i have gahh.... and no la they dont have to take dat down la, that specific train line have been there for ages already, they just need to improve their service.. haha

> kenwooi : maybe not 5 mins la, if they improve it to 15 mins interval i happy d.. which is erm possible anot ah? i duno la hahaha

anyways, they just sucks with their service...

Dylan said...

yeah, friggin hate ktm.. furthermore, nid to share it with unreasonable sweaty ppl. haha!

Simon Seow said...

Same case here lah, last week i need to go to sentral at 7am. I reach KTM station for the 6.28 am train and it was delay till the 6.48 am train. I have to drive down to sentral instead and park there T_T

panda said...

reminds me of the times i took thr ktm to midvalley (last time Midvalley KTM was non-existent. had to stop at Seputeh KTM and walk all the way to Megamall)and when i wanted to go back to my hometown (get off at Plaza Rakyat)..

omg...can 'dai' wei waitng for the freakin' KTM to reach...their trains alwiz delayed one...

joshuaongys said...

> Dylan : who loves pushing ppl around here and there!! ahaha

> Simon Seow : aha i tot u drive all the time to work wan?

> panda : yeshhhhhh me and my frens always stop at seputeh station and walk to MV, those times.... hahahahahahahaha

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