Sunday, July 19, 2009

Difference between Malaysian Fans and English Fans.

The English soccer fans have been well known for being extremely supportive of their local soccer clubs with chants, songs, cheers of their own whenever they are watching their team playing in a stadium.

As a Malaysian who's a Manchester United fan, i was lucky enough to win a trip to go all the way to the Theatre of Dreams to watch the match where ManUtd face Liverpool early this year.

and just yesterday, i went to Bukit Jalil National Stadium to watch the match between Manchester United against Malaysia XI, a relatively young team where 90% of the soccer fans there in the stadium didn't put much hope in them football entertainment wise.

However, the Malaysian side put a good play and managed to get the respect of their own country people who're watching the match where everyone was actually expecting all the entertainment coming from the ManUtd players. But to see a performance that was that awesome coming from our own country players, It was ecstatic.

Anyways, the main point of this post is the level of support of the soccer fans. In England, the supporters would support their team even though they were relegated, the players made a serious mistake, own goals happen, they screwed up and whatsoever.

See the difference between Malaysian Soccer fans and English Soccer fans in the video that i've recorded below.

Notice the difference? The people in England went crazy and they were shouting at the top of their voice cheering and chanting when their team scored. Malaysian shouted YES, but you can see that its different. Very different.

Fellow Malaysians have something to learn in that where i can really see that this relatively young Malaysian side have what it takes to play and shine at International level, we need to support our own country's soccer scene.

Going all the way to the stadium to support our team when they are facing other countries in the international scene. Yes the players need to be hardworking and train hard and have the passion and determination, but we have to be there for them as well to support them, with that, they'll have higher morale where they can go even further.

If the players can maintain how they played like yesterday and us Malaysians could support them all the way, why am i not surprise that they can make it to World Cup next time?

We Asians are much more smaller in size and we are no match for those Europeans who are much bigger in size and so its impossible to get a place in the international scene. What?!

See what South Korea accomplished a few years ago beating teams like Spain and Italy in the World Cup competition and got 3rd place!!

What say you?


Amanda said...

It's so sad.. even the malaysians support man utd.. malaysia not patriotic

Tiffanie Tan said...

hehehehe so funny =P

Nigel Tee said...



When Man Utd attack, all cheering... as if Malaysia is tht strong tht when Man Utd attack, its something extraordinary.

What ur suppose to cheer and shout is when Malaysia score and attack!!!

That's something very very different and its a rare sight.

Come on lah, u go to the stadium u dont expect Man Utd to score and attack the way they do?

I just dont understand when fellow Malaysian cheer for Man Utd when they score.

Like as if, its a wonder goal to score againts Malaysia.

And yes, now everyone thinks Malaysia bribing Man Utd to allow them score.

When din score = Malaysia sucks

When score = Match Fixing

Bodo right you guys?

Everything also wrong.

Get a life.

Nigel Tee said...

woh btw i dont meant u joshua.. its in general la.. for those who terasa.. well you know lah =P

blowie said...

i wonder why they fuck Msia during that game,hurmm......

Simon Seow said...

Can't compare lah dude. English football is multi-billion pounds business. Here our football clubs are struggling to survive.

joshuaongys said...

> Amanda : hahaha as expected la, in Malaysia its like that LOL

> Tiffanie Tan : =)

> Nigel Tee : cuz 95% of the people there were there because of ManUtd and they support them lolx and of cuz when Malaysia scored, they gained our respect and we cheered and clap for their performance.

about Msia bribing. Lol i dont think they have the amount of money bah HAHHAHAHAHA

> blowie : they did?

> Simon Seow : true also la buthen again, poor countries unlike England out there, they have extremely supportive fans as well.. so yea, lets see how Malaysia will go after this tour bah..

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, if you've been to a competitive malaysian match, you would have said otherwise..

Been to countless FA Cups, M League, malaysia cup, Super League and even SEA Games matches. Malaysian fans are no less passionate..

When K Rajan scored against the Indons in stadium MBPJ (SEA Games 2001), the stadium literally rattles to the thunderous roar, i seriously think it would collapse.

Try for once going to a malaysia cup finals and you'll understand what i mean.

Chew said...

The match is awesome.

JenKin Yat said...

FUCK any team against Malaysia..MALAYSIA FTW MALAYSIA BOLEH~!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> Anonymous : perhaps it is so on what u've said. I'll try to go for one of the cup finals in our country if i'm able to do so =) thanks!

> Chew : yes it was!!

> JenKin Yat : you should go there larrr tat day!! hahaha

RealGunners said...

not sure any of you guys know this, but.. u know, there used to be dudes in the M'sia team who were sent for oversea stint, to Germany, France etc.. dudes like Hairudin Omar, Akmal Rizal, Rudie Ramli, they did well for their respective clubs in Europe, not the top clubs la, but still European clubs, they were offered extended stay/contracts, but chose to come back to M'sia instead, who knows maybe they miss their nasi lemak too much..

if, the improbable happens, someone were to offer a certain Mohd Amri Yahyah a trial in Europe, the same thing would happen. Forgive me for being racist, but I just don't see these bunch of Malays to make it big. They don't have the guts to make it. The 3-2 scoreline, well.. it's a friendly what.. and from what I heard from people who went, actually MU played shait, so it made M'sia seem to be playing great..

Myhorng said...

ur video make me dizzy.

joshuaongys said...

> RealGunners : yah i've read about a few msian players that opt to be back in msia rather than playing abroad. Sigh. Maybe they miss roti canai more, who knows?

but anyways, eventhough its a friendly, at least this time round they fought compare to the thrashing of 0-6 8 yrs ago by ManUtd. Whether can they do it again, at the moment NOW, they cant for sure, but in the future, maybe? who knows? xD

Malaysia Boleh mah!

> Myhorng : lolx good for you!! haha

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