Thursday, July 09, 2009

review on Public Enemies

Thanks to United International Pictures, i attended a media screening on the movie Public Enemies on Tuesday morning at GSC Mid Valley.

It is that kinda movie which is pretty straight forward, here's the bad guys and here's the good guys and there's this fight between them. The fight itself seems like it's neverending, the gun fights attracted my attention and i had a good time watching them!

Oh anyways here's the bad guy, Johnny Depp as John Dillinger.

and here's the good guy, Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis.

I think that it was pretty interesting watching a show that is in an earlier timeline. It was an era where banks robbery can be done easily without much fuss i think lolx and JD was roaming around with his gang robbing one bank after another putting the officials into shame.

To add on to that, JD got caught a few times and escaped a few times which shows that how bad the officials were. The officials? They are simply the Bureau of Investigation which became FBI later on.

So there goes the title of Number One target and Public Enemy labeled to JD. Throughout the whole movie, they showed the pursuit, the plan to capture JD and how it went on and on and on.

There were bits of romance in the movie, showing how a man can go after a woman in a straight forward manner. Very very direct i would say and i would be more than delight if i could witness that whole process with my own eyes in real life or better still, do it myself. Watch it then you'll know what i mean.

I think that Johnny Depp did a great job portraying the character, fierce, intelligent, capable, and though i hate to admit that, he was good at being the type of bad guy in the movie that woman will get attracted to and love them blindly. =X

About Christian Bale, he was overshadowed by Joker in Dark Knight and didn't show much of what he is capable of in Terminator Salvation and so i was glad that he have quite a fair parts of acts in this movie.

There were parts that were slow but i can still accept it as i enjoy the whole time watching the movie and i like the storyline and how they build it up at a pace that i could fully understand what is going on, who is talking to who and etc.

and well, as usual, such movies will have such endings. Ya know, how will bad guys end up.

So yea, though this is not any futuristic sci-fi movie with lots of computer graphics and such where this movie was film with a much more earlier time line where you could see Trains with Gas, do give this movie a try! After all, a movie with the likes of Johnny Depp & Christian Bale won't go any bad right?

My Rating for this movie is 7/10


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Yeah, I feel like going for this movie after I watched the trailer =)

Chew said...

Looks pretty good and worth.

Viya said...

Tks for sharing! This looks like a nice movie ^^

joshuaongys said...

> cHrIstInA_YY : go watch go watch!

> Chew : its worth it =)

> Viya : u're most welcome!

Ewin Ee said...

so fast watch ediii ar u!..

CWKen said...

watched yest nite, good movie lol got to noe bit of history from this though hahaha

joshuaongys said...

> Ewin Ee : aha =X

> CWKen : yah jz a tad bit nia haha

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