Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Youtube Craze and Such. Community, Friends & Relationships.

Call me an outdated person or perhaps an idiot, i was never a hardcore fan of Youtube like some of my friends who would logon to Youtube and watch some kickass clips sharing it all around on MSN, Blogs, Twitter and such.

The first time i knew about this very dude was when a friend of mine sharing a YouTube video link on twitter with me being curious clicking on it.

View the video if you're a Michael Jackson fan. View it TWICE if you're not!

I went on and watched a few more videos and found out that this dude had a primary account here and the MJ video above was on his secondary account.

This dude here is Kevin and his YouTube channel is 5th on the list of the Current YouTube All Time Most Subscribed Channels. Thats Crazy Ok!

He's really Wow.

I mean like how many college freshman get invited by a professor to give a lecture in class and somehow out of the blue, there's this mini dance party happening with the professor dancing as well!

Its really O.O and i LOL-ed at that!!

Of course, he wasn't the only one being famous on YouTube. And in every different community, the few famous people will make friends with each other.

Just like Su Ann & Kenny in the Malaysia Blogosphere. But i didn't know that it could happen in YouTube!!

I mean like, i post my videos, you post your videos and people love our videos and we got lots of subcribers and we became friends through YouTube somehow, Indirectly. I don't see how it could become like that. In real life, it happens...

picture taken from Michelle's Blog

I'm pretty sure that Kelvin a.k.a KevJumba made a few friends through YouTube and one of them is MichellePhan.

Oh maybe MichellePhan is not famous enough(for some people) and so here's another YouTube Famous personality, Christine a.k.a HappySlip where her channel is 16th on the Current YouTube All Time Most Subscribed Channels. She TAGGED Kevin here and here's Kevin's reply to the tag.
*michellephan's channel is 57th on the Current YouTube All Time Most Subscribed Channels.

and uh oh, a group which consists some of the big names(including the 3 mentioned above) on YouTube actually gathered together for a live performance in New York early last month.

Of course, these examples of friend making process above don't only applies to famous people in their respective online communities, it applies to every single person in the community itself.
*just that i can get more specific examples to talk about because they are famous.

I actually find all these connections, friendships, strings that are attached and pulled between several strangers from different backgrounds, communities, and even countries where they get together knowing each other, It's all amazing.

50 years back, who could've imagine that you could make friends in such a way, finding your buddy or perhaps your soul partner.

Through mediums such as Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Friendster and maybe Twitter/Plurk with just you being behind a screen connecting to something call the Internet/Cyberspace with another thing with the name Broadband Connection.

Thank God For Internet!


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

But but but..isn't KevJumba's name...Kevin??? O.o?

why Melvin?!

Ren said...

Joshua! u PHAILED!
is Kevin lar
and am i the person u refer to that share this link? :P
i subscribed him since last year
and thanks to a fren of mine that introduce to me :P
He's really a fun and cool fellow :)

joshuaongys said...

> §oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě : LOL error... hahaha thanks for telling

> Ren : ya i phailed AHHAHAHA again roflmao and yes its u xD

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