Monday, July 27, 2009

Rematch of Manchester United VS Malaysia XI.

Did anyone watch the friendly match just yesterday? The match Manchester United thrashed Hang Zhou Greentown 8-2?!! 10 goals in a match man!! Crazy. And do you know that Liverpool thrashed Singapore 5-0 as well earlier yesterday? Speechless...

Anyways, back to the start of this Manchester United Asia Tour 2009...

I was already very happy being able to be there watching them play against MalaysiaXI where the match was filled with lots of soccer entertainment. and when i know that there's a second match 2 days later, i decided to watch it as well.

It was a last minute decision made by the authorities that they will play in Malaysia again due to the bombing that happened in Indonesia. Quite a sad case i thought as the Indonesia fans failed to catch a glimpse of the English Champions. Boo to the bombing culprits. Brainless morons they are.

Anyway, it was after work that i headed to the stadium after meeting up with MikeYip at one of the train station. With the help of Nigel, we got our tickets which is RM58 each.

Compared to the first day of the match itself, this second match have a lesser crowd in expectation. It was the case obviously as its a working day itself. Not everyone is as crazy/stupid as me. xD

But there's still quite alot of stalls around the stadium selling foods and drinks to the people around. They were desperate for sales and even stick near to the entrance into the stadium in attempts getting more money for themselves.

Compared to the first match where the entrances to the stadium were crowded with fans all around, you can see that its quite quiet on the second match itself. Awesome? Lolx.

Fans were cheering with passion and they even did this Invisible Mexican Wave. O.O

At the same time, there were morons who have no idea what are they doing, wearing other team's jerseys to watch the match. If ever they do that in UK, i'm pretty sure they'll be beaten up or so, ending up in quite a bad condition because of their stupidity. Gah.

I wonder how much these cost.

As usual, there were warm up sessions by both teams.

and some *ahem* camwhoring sessions. HAHA Met up with Andrew with 2 unexpected meetings. Satkuru and Cedric that is. Totally Random ones. xD

It was a slightly different starting lineup this time with Owen and Macheda pairing up at the attacking line. A combination which i was interested in knowing the outcome as well.

There's a moment of silence in remembrance of the people who passed away in the Indonesia bombing incident right before the match.

The match started soon and just 10minutes after the game started, Macheda scored a goal against Malaysia where i was kinda expecting it. Not because i look down at the Malaysian side, but because of the last minute arrangement of the second match where the Malaysian side would be tired from the first match itself. and obviously, a team that plays regular soccer on a tight schedule compared with the Malaysian team, you can't really expect much from the Malaysian side.

during break time.

Not long after the first goal, Owen scored the second goal and secured the win with that goal. It was just 2 minutes after the first one.

The rest of the match were played pretty well by both sides and i am still amazed by the Malaysian side that they managed to defend well and stop a series of attacks by the English side despite the short 1 day resting time in between 2 matches.

There's a specific period in the 2nd half where no interesting attacks were made till Malaysia substitute a few of their players where they showed that the fight is not over yet posing a few threats to Manchester United.

Anyhow, the match ended 2-0 with 2 early goals and that was the rematch that is.

A not so interesting game of course but i couldn't ask for more after watching my favourite team in action 2 times in 3 days time. It was a crazy experience!!

Now that the Red Devils have won all 4 pre-season games in their tour to Asia, i hope that Ferguson is able to find the winning formula for the upcoming season with the Michael Owen that looks promising so far.

as for our own country, Malaysia, We shall see how things goes bah. xD

Oh and do you know that in the second match, there were more people supporting Malaysia compared to Manchester United?

A good sign i must say!

Facebook Album of the Rematch between Manchester United & Malaysia XI


wan hafiz said...

I'm glad at least there is a improvement regarding Malaysian fans' mentality.

Malaysians will flock to support our national team if the players show their determination.

It's not bout win or lost actually, more on the players' determination and passion.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

oh god. man u rox! lol. sadly i am not there to watch it!

nvm i head to manchester to watch. aha

doni_boney said...


joshuaongys said...

> wan hafiz : hahaha hope it will last on and the national team can do well bah

> - i.r.v.i.n.e - : MAN U ROXX!!! YAYYY!!!! ahaha yah head to manchester to watch, its much more nicer!

> doni_boney : =)

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