Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glory Glory Malaysia United? Nah Manchester United!

It was this blogpost where i join this competition winning 1 pair of RM98 tickets to watch my favourite soccer team in action. I was all excited, with my inner self jumping up and down looking forward to the day to come. Thanks to Smirnoff!

On that day itself, i headed to KY's place to meet up with a few of them where i tagged along as i don't want to head to the stadium alone. T_T

Mellissa, Horng, Carol and me.

It was a crazy day. Since noon, I've been reading tweets and messages posted online through mobiles that there were people going to the stadium as early as 1PM and the police block the entrance to the parking area and there was traffic jam everywhere.

All thanks to Horng a.k.a Horny, i reached there safely tagging along in his car where we found our parking place in a nearby garden. * i was told later on that people parked as far as where Astro was. O.O

Walking towards the main entrance, there were lots of stalls along the way, food, drinks and soccer related merchandises were displayed all over the place. This was where show his support to the national team by purchasing a Malaysia jersey and changed it immediately! Lol.

I somehow kinda understand how soldiers feel before they go into a war, thousands of thousands of people were walking towards to same direction and you're just one tiny little dot among them. With all the sweat. The differences are we are walking while soldiers march and of course, they have heavy armors and weapons equipped and most of the people there were in shorts, slippers and shirts. Aha!!

Siang, Jeff, Carol, Mellissa, KY, Horng, Jack, Me.

We had a group picture before we head to the entrance with much more MORE people there, Horng and Carol were the lucky ones having the RM308 tix, that's the reason we took a group picture earlier before heading to different gates. Bleargh!

Upon entering the stadium, i find myself being among some 95,000 soccer fans!! Even if a game at Old Trafford(Home Stadium of Manchester United) is full, that's 76,000 only. But of course, the atmosphere in UK is much different compared to here.

I have to admit that going to Old Trafford and watching a game there is much more exciting and you'll get pretty hype up anticipating the whole thing clapping and cheering and shouting the WHOLE 90 MINUTES! With chants and specially compose songs/cheers the whole game, its totally a different level compared to the game last Saturday.

I don't mean that the game sucks. It was awesome, just that its more awesome over there in UK. xD

Anyways, the crowd shouted and cheered from time to time, heck there's even a Mexican wave going on before the match and everyone cant wait for the soccer entertainment by the English Champions.

Despite the sweat i had before the game, i was still happily anticipating the game that was starting really soon at that time. The whole stadium was in red, literally that is and there was only a few small patch of Harimau Malaya supporters. In Yellow.

Lineup was announce, everyone cheered.

Camera was pointed at some random fan wearing a Manchester United jersey with Owen Number 7 at the back, everyone CHEERED LOUDER!

That was how much people liked Owen despite he used to played for Liverpool. Ha.

Soon the game started and the Malaysia team was clearly still dreaming at the start of the game, not that i'm surprise of, till Fariza made a few quality saves with the team showing the crowd what they are capable of, defending and marking the English side while making a few surprise attack that had its force stop at the last point where the shots from Malaysian players were really really weak. Maybe just 5% of how Roberto Carlos does his free kick. Eh wait, 1%.

2 goals in the first half by Manchester United was totally in expectation and i was expecting more goals. What was totally unexpected is, the all new hero now, Amri Yahyah scored a goal just before the 2nd half whistle.

Everyone was crazy shouting, many of the Malaysian Manchester United fans cheered for them as well including me myself.

The half time resulted in lots of camwhoring sessions with lots of people going in and out the stadium getting drinks and food. Tried to tweet but failed. xD

Soon, second half started and everyone was back at their seats looking forward for more entertainment. Most of us don't expect a goal from the Malaysian side i think though they played pretty well and again, a mistake by substitute keeper, Foster gave Amri Yahyah a second chance to scored and gain instant fame in this very start of the Asia Tour.

Many of the fans started to cheer and shout whenever Malaysia make an attack and Manchester is starting to play seriously. This was went the whole stadium started shouting for Owen and...

Soon enough, he was substituted in the field. Same to Giggs.

The game went on with a few interesting attacks made by both sides and the Malaysian side tried pretty hard to maintain a draw which result in a classic Owen goal less than 10 minutes to 90 mins of the game.

The winning goal of Owen was superb but Man of the match of the day was Amri Yahyah. Obviously, he was the topic the next day, scoring 2 goals against the English Champions, the Malaysian side did quite a good job entertaining the crowd as well as giving us shocks and surprises in the game.

gave the other RM98 ticket to my friend, Chee Hwa.

The rest of the day, will be better told by the pictures displayed below. =D

It was crazy alright being in the crowd taking the train. But i was all happy being able to watch an interesting match. A very very interesting one i shall say. Was more happy when i check my twitter, i read that there's going to be a second match which of course i went to again. Haha.

It will be One special day in Malaysian Sports History for many years to come.
Maybe we will see our own countrymen shining in the World Cup?

Just Maybe. =)

My Manchester United Vs Malaysia XI 18 July 2009 Album.


Raymond said...

Nice post!! Wish I was there. Was supposed to go, but, have to settle other stuff. Too bad Ronaldo and Tevez no more there sigh

Viya said...

Nice post about my favourite team. I wasn't be able to go there though... I am glad Owen scored the winner :)

wan hafiz said...

Nice post! Btw, i sincerely do hope that our Malaysian National Team can learn something from Man Utd, for the sake of Malaysian pride.

I still with 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit!

joshuaongys said...

> Raymond : thanks ahh then did u go to the second match?? i think the team is still a great team without them both!! =D

> Viya : hahah thanks and im glad he scored as well!! Owen best!

> wan hafiz : hahahah i think many of us hope that they can make us malaysian proud bah, and the Malaysia Boleh spirit will be within us all msians =D

Ewin Ee said...

nice pics man!

joshuaongys said...

> Ewin Ee: my pics not nice la compared to many other pics out there on the same match!! i bet u can take better pics than me haha

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