Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas This Year - 2008

Its funny how these kinda things happen.

Its either you're in a busy period and lots of people are finding you out OR you're like extremely free and nobody is finding you out.

Believe it or not, this thing is like a Deja Vu haunting me from time to time through out this whole year making my life really really.... indescribable....

Some people find it really funny when i mentioned that i have no plans on Christmas Eve & Christmas and yea i find it pretty funny too myself.

and of course, one of the reason why i have no plans is because i don't have the christmas mood this year. None at all. T_T

Anyhow, my Christmas Eve was simply spent with just 3 person. All 3 whom i've just knew this year. No i didn't plan it. I was randomly messaging people on MSN and i found out that Ren will be in Desapark City spending the night that day.


Steph, Jane, Ren and me.

.............was how it all happened. I joined the 3 of them and had a simple christmas eve myself which ended with a supper session of Nasi Lemak somewhere near Cheras. Some place where Andrew recommended before. Might talk about it next time haha.

That was Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Day itself, after church i went out with the same bunch of people and we headed to Jusco Metroprima for a movie. Ip Man.

the girls camwhoring with the poster.... o.O

just that this time, we have one more person - Andrew.

nothing much was done after the movie. Headed to Hartamas and...

proceeded to KL for a dinner.

a pretty awesome one i shall say. Situated somewhere behind Times Square and you know what? There's actually lots of hidden "makan" place there. Might explore there sometime somehow. I hope soon.

So how was your Christmas?

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 @ Sunway Convention Centre

First of all i would like to thank Dustyhawk who was one of the person working with all the hardwork behind this whole project for 2 days @ Sunway Convention Centre. Thanks to him for the media pass. xD


Alright, so it started on a wonderful Saturday morning where i headed to Sunway to meet up with David to attend this very happening event. Haha.

Noticed a few interesting stalls outside of the hall but didn't go and check out the stuffs there because i was scare that i would spend money which i don't intend to. =D

There were people who're earlier than me hehe but not really much people yet as its just the start of the event. I followed them into the hall.

there's not much people there yet and most of the booths were not completely set up as well. So i headed to this section beside the stage...

where the artworks were displayed. Was admiring those people who have such skills to come out with such nice artworks and of course, snapping pictures here and there. You can view the artworks pictures here.

At the same time, on the other end of the hall, some of the people there were displaying these figurines for crowd's viewing purposes. and again, i was fascinated with all the figurines displayed there. Okay, maybe not all, but most of it yes, though most of it i have no idea is from which specific story, but all of them were pretty interesting.

Yes, i looked kinda like the girl above in the picture when i was viewing the figurines. Hehe.

It didn't take very long to have the crowd roaming the whole hall with all the booth people being busy promoting their stuffs.
and soon, there was this official opening by the organising peeps. =)

Throughout the whole day, there were some stuffs going on stage.

Some Nasty...

Some Interesting.

If you're there, you would see these stuffs. People taking pictures of the cosplayers and i meant MANY PEOPLE!

You see fights and good thing these characters that appeared in the fest wasn't real because if they were for real and all of them were to fight using their abilities and powers...

there'll be casualties...

and yea, one thing that interests me during the day was the people there showing their talents and i find that many of them were pretty good. A good thing for Malaysia huh?

Oh and i noticed that some characters don't really care about their weapons while...

some others adapting well to the world talking to humans. o.O

Some of the booths displayed real interesting stuffs

and seriously, there were really too much things to write about and most of it i've forgotten already thanks to my stupid brain hahaha.

So that's kind of my experience on the 1st day of this very event. xD
Day 2

On the second day, i headed to Sunway with Aaron after church and we reached after lunch time.

Just in time to view the finals of the Individual Cosplay competition. =)

and know what?

when we first entered the hall, we were welcomed by

Dr Octopus but Spiderman wasn't there so guess who came and save the day?

Some female sailors... Swt big big...

Well anyway, back to the competition. Those contestants were pretty entertaining trying to impress the judges and of course the crowd that was there as well. Each did different stuffs.

and seriously, the amount of people that showed up on Sunday were more than Saturday. It was insane.

yes. i.n.s.a.n.e.

The finalists of the individual Cosplay competition. =)

the entertainment did not end after the cosplay competition. After that, there was a singing session which erm... which..... =X


Actually, there are lots to tell about the event. Some of which i've forgot. Well, there are lots of interesting booths set up there + the people at the booth were really enthusiastic in what they are doing.

and then there's this Portfolio Pavilion where some of the players in the industry were present to meet the local talents who want to showcase their artworks and thoughts in this field. A pretty good job opportunity there.

and there's this fan meeting session. Hehe.

Oh and you should see the preparations the cosplayers brought. Awesome Stuffs. Lots of props!

and know what, i'm pretty sure that there's some unknown underground business going on there. Something were fishy at some certain corners that 2 days. Some were hid pretty well.

and some were pretty obvious. I don't know what are they up to. =X

Anyhow, these 2 days enable me to view some rather rare scenes. Serious. Like Naruto befriended a maid and they camwhored together and some other rather scandalous stuffs where it involves characters from different animes/comics holding hands together and having their mushy mushy thingy there. Best!

Lolx. and to prove i was there, i actually took pictures with some of the cosplayers there.

NO i didn't ask for the girls's numbers. Yes i have no balls T_T

and so, there goes my experience and life log on the Comic Fiesta 2008 @ Sunway Convention Centre. Many shoppers in Sunway Pyramid must be quite shocked and probably were several times seeing many characters coming to life from various animes/comics.


Results of the competition during the event.

Art Competition
Over-18 Category
Grand Prize: Roden Chong Yii Siang (Roden)
First Prize: Sinn Chun Hou (Sitomize)
Second Prize: Fung Kin Chew (Santa Fung)

Under-18 Category
Grand Prize: Sonia Dai (Pochi)
First Prize: Low Soon Yie (Pyromaniac03)
Second Prize: Ain Hafizah bt Mohd Saadon (Lavendra)

Comic Competition
Coffy Award - Sou (Yam Gene Group)
Tea Award - Leong Tze Lin (Noir Mystere Group)
Merchandise Award - Loo Sooyan (Meowed Group)

Cosplay Competition

Best Cosplayer: Skye (Sherly Nome from Macross Frontier)
Honourable Mention: Zend (Nemesis from Resident Evil 3)
Honourable Mention: Dusty (Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2)
Best in Hall: Pinky (Ashura from RG Veda)
Best Group Cosplay: D. Gray Man Group

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joash & May's Wedding

Just one day before my birthday, i attended a wedding. Joash & May's wedding dinner. xD

One of the few peeps whom i've known for ages and finally they decided to be together for the rest of their lives, its a night filled with joy.

and FYI, the wedding dinner i attended was pretty different compared to the normal Yaaaammmmmm Seeeenggggggg wedding dinner where most Chinese are familiar with.

there was a worship session!

YES, a worship session HEHEHE. After the worship session, the groom sang a song for the bride and it was a very very sweet moment!! =)

Joash singing a song by David Tao.

while he was singing, May came up and as usual, the kids were the ones who kept everyone smiling and laughing where the whole place were filled with joy.

The bride's dad passed his daughter to the groom and i shall let the next few pictures do the talking on what happened next. xD

It was a joyous moment for the both of them as it is the day they exchange vows and promised to be together taking care of each other. Nice.

They signed and it is official.

The Cake.

While the dishes were served, there're a few programs like youths from their church's youth group coming out to present some songs to them entertaining the crowd.

and there's one part where the couple came out to perform a duet. A pretty sweet one.

The Couple Dancing.

and there's one thing in the wedding. I met lots of long lost friends, many of whom i've lost contact with and am glad that i get to see them again. Reminds me of some old time memories many years back. lolx.

Now that they're married, i wish that God would bless them and provide them in the future as they will be together for the rest of their lives. A really long period where it involves many many many things. Definitely hard, but its possible with God in their lives. *smiles*

to Joash & May...


So now among the 3 families, there're 2 weddings in 2 families, each one, Lemuel and Joash. HAHA. Which means that my family didn't have one yet. Gosh. I doubt i'll have one in recent years. Yea, in my case, its a pretty sad one. Maybe i should blog about it next time. On second thought, Maybe not. Lmao. =D


I'm looking forward to the wedding of this girl in the picture above. Haha.

Year 2009!

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