Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kakiis Night Out 2008 @ MOS Euphoria

Last Saturday night was Kakiis Night Out!! and erm Kakiis is some new .com that's similar with facebook or friendster. A local networking .com site. =)

So yea, Kakiis Night Out. It was held at MOS Euphoria.

and i reached there quite early. Around 5pm hmmm but apparently there were people who're earlier than me. A lot of them actually. All getting hype and excited.

I guessed there's a new definition for Malaysian timing already huh? and gosh i was like O.O went i saw that most of them are like 15/16 years old.


Good thing i met some familar faces. Like the traffic light above. Green, Yellow, Red. xD

Soon they opened up the registration counter and we all went in.

and so it was the night of invasion of underage kids (yes i call them kids cause i was once there! ROAR! ) at MOS Euphoria and its a very very weird scene for me.

Rules were told and one of it was, you all can smoke but don't smoke everywhere you want, you need to go to the DesignatedSmokingArea on 2nd floor. So basicly everyone was treated as an adult and i'm sure those underage peeps were pretty excited and happy with that haha.

Soon, everyone went to their own group of friends. Some went to have some food while some started playing the games that were prepared there.

There were a total amount of 10 games prepared.

and the group i'm in, with David & HsuJen.

we played every of the games. Had fun in some while some others were pretty crappy. Haha. Good try to those @ kakiis.

Soon, everyone gathered and there's this performance which is such a sad case...

where at first there were like 20 people who went up front to clap jump dance wteva and then soon and i mean SOON, there's like 2 person left. The 2 were holding DSLRs. =X

after the pathetic band performance, there's this short game session where they were giving out lots of 16gb pendrives.

Many took part and got themselves a pendrive. I regret i didn't take part. =(

Oh but i didn't regret not taking part in this. this is wonderful. Haha.

Just view the video.

Who say bloggers can't catwalk? =D
yes they cant... haha

and 4 finalists were picked from the row of bloggers there.

and they were required to dance and its a pretty rare scene i would say.

You'll know what i mean if you've read this post here before.

Soon, it was THE MOMENT!! Most people there who attended this have joined an online competition on kakiis website and they came in hope of winning the ultimate prize, a Macbook Air PC.

so funny la this scene, like all small kids go for an outing and then sitting down listening to teacher and the outing is?? A TRIP TO A CLUB wtf...

That was a night where many people get a gift home. Its like an early Christmas celebration where Kakiis is Santa. Giving out prizes like nobody's business. Lolx.

Congrats to Kate who wont a digicam!!

and of course, Nigel who won the ultimate prize that night, a Macbook Air with his wicked video.

YES, HIS WICKED VIDEO!!! Hahahahahahhaa

and i must talk about this group..

they were the winners for 2 games categories where each of them already have 2 16gb pendrives themselves and they even won the overall games prize which is a Nintendo Wii each. Crazy one. But they do deserve it la =D

Congrats to other winners as well and for me, i didn't win anything. Gah. Nemind la. =(


and so it was an event where many people won many things but not me and its a night i met many kakiis. =D

so yea, that's it bah. Enjoy the post? I hope you do =D

remember to appreciate your kakiis!!


Jen said...

joshuuuuuaaaaaaaa i want kakiis pics!! love the 2nd last pic!! hehe

Jordan said...

really basket this Kakiis people, they've vanished my video and never contacted me again over it. That's just not right.

Simon Seow said...

That looks like a DSLR, the digicam Kate won.

joshuaongys said...

> jen : lolx its blur wor but nyways yea will put it up soon... ask from david =D

> Jordan : basket betul huh?? welll sometimes these parties will do so... =X

> Simon Seow : lolx its not lar hahaha

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