Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Early Simple Christmas Celebration

Early this month, on the 6th of December, i was invited by Andrew to go to his cell's small little Christmas gathering/celebration.

It was in the night where i went to this place called Aman Suria. Pretty nice place, just not as nice as Desapark City. Lmao.

There were food prepared there and it was just at the right time as i was freaking hungry at that specific moment and GOSH, the food were delicious as well where there's these Ayamas Chickens which i've not eaten for ages already. Good job to the host, Sai Kit, and andrew's fellow cell members of course. =D

Seriously, i have not join other church's activities for ages already and of course their cell gatherings and fellowship i've been pretty out of it already. The last i remembered was a few years ago which is either Canaan Church or FCC. SEE!!! I even forgot which church. =X

So, actually, the whole atmosphere and environment was pretty familiar for me and i felt like home hahaha.

Made a few friends where some of them i forgot their names gahhh. xD

and i actually left the scene earlier and headed to some other place.

However, thanks for inviting me bro.

Last but not least, NICE MEETING YOU(picture above) AGAIN!! kekekeke =D


Andrew said...

hehehe... welcome bro!! glad you enjoyed it though it was for a short moment!! =D

owh well!! Christmas is coming and I just can't wait!! =D

Cutie said...

I can't wait to see you again soon!!!!

Siu KeOnG said...

ehmm...joshua, mind to tell me your friend house number? look like my neighbour house....

joshuaongys said...

> Andrew : lolx thanks =D

> Cutie : yea yea!!! we shall meet soon... =D

> Siu Keong : it's not my fren's house ler.. and i forgot wat number d hahaha

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