Friday, December 26, 2008

The Death of Japan AV Queen Ai Iijima 饭岛爱

I was searching pictures to blog about the recent popular movie IP MAN 叶问 and when i was browsing some Chinese News Websites, i saw one shocking title. 日一代AV女王 饭岛爱自杀身亡 which in translation is the suicide of Ai Iijima, the well known Japan AV queen.

A further read leads to the news of her found dead by the local authorities in her own home on Christmas Eve itself, 24th of December 2008 and her body is already rotten. The authorities can't identify the time of her death but was sure that it was within the week and her close friends believe that she was murdered while the authorities is considering this as a suicide case.


The well known figure for AV in Japan which was born in 1972 left the entertainment field back in March last year and actually, i did not know that her story was pretty sad.

She was actually a top student in her batch when she was still a teen, but was raped and forced to stay together and abortion as well, and she proceeded and worked providing s.e.x services and had transplant operation before and ended up being an actress in adult videos.

All these was actually told by Ai Iijima 饭岛爱 herself in the book she wrote (柏拉圖式性愛 platonic sex) and went into publications which solds more than a million copies worldwide. From the AV field, she made her way to the Japan entertainment field and left the scene stopped filming AV videos. She even acted in Dicky Cheung's Journey to the West(西游记) before in the year 2001.

Seriously, i'm not a big fan of her but i do know friends who are a big fan of her hahaha.

and i find it pretty sad that along the years, more and more well known artists in the entertainment field all over the world have been taking the road to death and leave the world with everyone in shock.

R.I.P bah.


Jason Law said...

saw her news on tv..Hmm, you should post a demo video to introduce her to us. Hahaha~

Harmony said...

Looked more mature now but dead.

sabahking said...

See this acticle in newspaer this afternoon. Her death maybe due to she get the HIV and mental disease.

joshuaongys said...

> Jason Law : ha lolx i dont have her video le haha

> Harmony : now 36 yrs old d lo haha

> sabahking : yeaps there're many rumours ler..

horizon said...

Hmm, i find that pretty saddening story. If she is murdered, i sure hope they found the killer. May she rest peace after her saddening life back in earth.

joshuaongys said...

> horizon : yea man its pretty sad case.. and i think she's not the only av person who have such story, many of them have similar stories..

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