Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 - Artworks

Alright i am really in a very very busy period and 1 of the million stuffs i've been doing lately is compiling the pictures during Comic Fiesta 2008 and figuring out how to post about it.

Anyway, below are some stuffs i was attracted to when i was attending the event. Many of them were really good.

Below is the pictures of some of The Artworks In Comic Fiesta 2008.

Didn't get to record down the names of the artworks or the authors paiseh.....

so just enjoy the pictures yea. =D

Didn't manage to take all as there were really a lot of artworks.Lolx

Anyway, its Nice Right??


I hope you'll enjoy the pictures above while i'm compiling other pictures of the event to post here. =)


Yi Ling said...

the paintings are nice man.

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : yeaps there were extremely nice!

l a b e l s


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