Sunday, December 21, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 Day 1 (Short Summary)

and so i attended the 1st day of Comic Fiesta 2008. all the way to Sunway Convention Centre on a Saturday morning with sleepy mode activated....

and the moment i step my foot into the area, i was amazed!! Why how when what i'll write it all in a more detail post. xD

So this post will have less words and more pictures

For now, just enjoy some of the pictures taken by my lousy digicam yea.

The various booths in and out of the hall.

The Portfolio Pavilion.

The artworks!!

The Figures and Figurines

Live talents showcase

Individual Cosplay

Group Cosplay

Seriously, this is like a once a year event where you won't see all these very often.

The first day passed already and it was awesome and i believe that the 2nd day will be a much more awesome session as there will be a solo cosplay competition and its a SUNDAY!!

Its all happening @ Sunway Convention Centre from 10.30am to 7pm. Today will be the last day of this Comic Fiesta 2008 already. So grab your camera...

that's if you have one and come attend the last day of the event!!


You won't want to miss it!!!

So, See You There..lolx

Stay Tuned!! xD


§pinzer said...

i want to go omg!!

vote said...

very nice pictures.
I did also take a few shoot yesterday.
but I missed the yuna...she is so cute..

r e b e c c a said...

aaahh.. they were actually having this Comic Fiesta. I was in Pyramid, seeing people with costumes. So the fiesta was all about it. ish ish, i missed it!

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : lmao

> vote : thanks and ahhh hahaha nemind la i'm sure u will see more of her pics somewhere on the net hehe

> r e b e c c a : yeshhh!!!!! lolx u shud go up to them and ask them about it ma..

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