Tuesday, December 16, 2008

review on The Day The Earth Stood Still

The day the earth stood still. I just only found out that this is a remake version of a 1950+ film and the images i saw on the internet on the 1950+ version is pretty.... FUNNY!!!


anyway, i watched this movie on Sunday.

Yet another "Armageddon" kinda movie. Seriously, i have no idea what was the storyline like before i entered the cinema, i'm always like that for movies. xD

and the start of the movie was pretty interesting for me, like suddenly many officials appeared in front of your house demanding/requesting for your service without revealing what have happen and you're forced to followed them and you ended up on a road that was closed temporarily just for YOU and it was like fuhhhhhhhh!!!

and the interesting part did not stop there for me.
Some serious science stuffs were mentioned and i went like that O.O

and yes it's about alien la where i really am interested if there's such technology from outer space.

traveling medium is not those spaceship we used to see on tv, its just a sphere and they varies in different size, got big got small.... o.O and the speed of such transport can go up till very very fast and they can "ahem" break in a very short time thus accident won't happen swt...

one of the scene in the trailer that makes me want to watch this very movie, apparently that's one of the very rare few scenes that will make you open your eyes bigbig. Blardy trailer.

One thing that had me shock is that T-Bag from prison break is in this movie as well, as one of the commander leading the attacks, though one small little character, i'm amazed! Sucre was in Transformer, Max Payne and now T-Bag is in Transporter 3 and this very movie.


anyways, i still think this movie is watchable and the values in this movie is quite meaningful.

My Rating for this movie is 6.5/10


Kavi said...

blardy Keanu "kayu" Reeves with his wooden plank facial expression.....

ever noticed that his characters are all required to be monotonous?

renaye said...

seriously i was wondering when the directors r going to stop producing environmental movies. it's just too overcommercialised. and that goes to zombies too.

joshuaongys said...

> Kavi : hahahahaha now that you've mention then yes i think most of the chars he acts as are like that! funny though..

> renaye : it is always like that bah, those movies will at least get a certain amount of money in return de...

yapthomas said...

nice... :D
I shall go watch.. long time no watch movie liao..

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : lolx lets have BMM3 la!!

戏痞三赖 said...

i just think is watchable because this is a remake in different era.. tat it..

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : just like what i said..

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