Friday, December 05, 2008

Don't Play Play with Malaysian Indians

Seriously, in Malaysia, everyone know about this....

There are 3 main races here - Malays, Chinese, Indians.

Most of the Malaysians here are Malays and Chinese only take like 1/3 of Malaysian population, might be lesser and Indians? Its like freaking little if compared to Malays.

No i'm not here to raise a racial issue don't worry =D

About Malays, we all know they are the VIP here in our country.For eg, big big companies that want to establish their names here and in Malaysia must have at least a few Malays in their Board of Directors list and that is how powerful they are here. Shall stop here before any sensitive issues being discuss.

About the Chinese, we all know very clearly that they play a very important role in Malaysia's economy and the rest of the story is for you to elaborate on yourself.

NOW. When you talk about Indians, the first thing that comes to your mind will be Samyvellu and Mamak Stalls. Yes the who entertained many Malaysians early this year and of course one of our most valuble assets in our country the MAMAKs.

No, no more samyvellu topics already and lets talk about MAMAKs.

These places are really amazing where most of them are opened 24 hours to serve the public and if there're any Malaysian say that they have no idea what is a Mamak or they have never been to one, they don't deserve to be a Malaysian.

Mamak stalls does wonders by gathering friends together in a group to get closer among each other in various YumCha session, in other times Mamaks are really an ideal place to go to when you're damn broke because of the price of the items there and there are more wonderful things about mamak stalls.

Coming back to the 3 main race in Malaysia where some extreme beings still having some racist problem, let me tell you, if you want to mess with any race in Malaysia, don't ever mess with Indians.

If you know about the revolution done in China during the communism era, the chinese had small piece of paper in cookies/mooncakes to spread the message among everyone to overthrow the current ruling party that time.

and in Malaysia, I TELL YOU, the Indians could have a wicked plan secretly killing everyone through their Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak in every Mamak Stalls in Malaysia, then they can rule the whole of Malaysia. xD

No i have no intention in making fun of the Indian race in Malaysia. I just want to say, don't because that they are the minority race in Malaysia compared to Malay and Chinese, then we can ignore them, many people look down at Indians especially those working at the Mamak Stalls, for me, i really respect those Mamak workers working at such odd hours to serve the public with all the foods and drinks. Though the minority race, they really played an important role to us people in Malaysia.

You'll understand what i mean when it reaches Deepavali and you're so damn hungry in the middle of the night and you went out hunting for food nearby.

I just love the fact that Malaysia is Malaysia with the fact that we're a multiracial country with everyone living with each other in peace for decades. Just minus erm the current government and it'll be perfect and fantastic.

Oh by the way, the same car in every picture above, erm belongs to an Indian. xD


Anonymous said...

What car model is that. I tried to guess but couldn't find the answer.

hyperX said...

Ya ler... what car is that? Modify till dunno what car is that lol.

Lynn said...


Anonymous said...

muslim doing yoga must be killed...

Andrew said...

coolies!! interesting and well writen post wor... initially i thought u wanted to cari pasal d.. LOL hahaha....

lets go daidomon!! LOL...

see ya tonite in cell christmas party la!! =D

joshuaongys said...

> Anonymous : lolx actually i was hoping that those people who came in and read this post would know and tell me ahhaha i have no idea as well.. hehe

> HyperX : duno hahahhaa but yea modify till like erm... haha

> Lynn : we all love mamak dong!!

> Anonymous : are you like some muslim extremist?? o.O

> Andrew : ahahaha am i such a person dat i will easily cari pasal??

hmm actually i am HAHHAHAHAHA

go daidomon? =X lolx when!!!

lolx okie tonight

The Malaysian Explorer said...

yes i can certainly share your hurt and frustration.

The Malaysian Explorer

Afiq Deen said...

Mamak stalls arent closed during deepavali...

Mostly because mamak are muslims and not hindu. They practice Islam, so ppl call em mamak so they'll know whether or not the food is halal.

aiyoyoyo... u got it all wrong man!

Yi Ling said...

LOl. okay. was thinking that you were going to post something else. haha. but not bad a post :D racial harmony!

〤Ecl!5oNz™〤 said...

nice car!!
i saw savvy's butt... XD

Jeff Ong Eng Kee said...

The car is Proton Satria, the nead had been modified as Evo 3 or somehing like that, and the rear is Mazda rx7 or 8 or something like that, if i'm not wrong (:

Joy said...

sheeshhh xD
& i was like wondering why are there photos of that car in this post xD

joshuaongys said...

> The Malaysian Explorer : i don't have hurt and frustration at the moment wor =D

> Afiq Deen : what you say is true in some places but definitely not in my garden hahaha.. there's like 7 mamaks within walking distance from my house and 5 will be closed during deepavali, only 2 of the mamaks are by muslims so i felt pretty weird during deepavali hehehe

and hahahaha thanks for correcting me, in a way =D

> Yi Ling : no la hahahaha i don't anti other race wan.. lolx not at the moment haha THANKS!!

> 〤Ecl!5oNz™〤 : nice car hahaha yea it LOOKS nice la.. haha

> Jeff Ong Eng Kee : SERIOUS??? proton satria den modified till like that..... i tot its like some happening car... chehhhhhhhhhh

> Joy : hahahahaha its indirectly related lolx

Anonymous said...

it's a proton satria.

front bmw base.

back rx-8.

zhengdhong said...

nice car though

Josephine said...

Long time no see....
Is a proton satria!

joshuaongys said...

> ~xiang~ : whoa u ppl really know cars well... heheh good good

> zhengdhong : =D

> Josephine : yeps apparently it is..

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