Monday, December 01, 2008

Old School Party - The Day

This was actually a party at the end of October 2008. At the 25th of October and i took like ages to finally reach this final post of this specific party. Lolx

Bad me.

It was a close and private party where just a few of us were there and some of the peeps were early.

The early ones are like

HsuJen, Nigel and

David himself!!

They were there like since 3-4pm++ and HsuJen was too bored that she started playing around. Hehe.

Soon, everyone reached and started mingling around relaxing themselves

where our personal in house DJ "pushing" here and there providing us the entertainment/music that we really did enjoyed that night. =D

those of you from our era will be familiar with this song above hehehehe.

and really, the peeps there were amazing on bringing their own collection of toys there. xD

and of course, from time to time, there are camwhore moments

full with all sorts of expressions. =)

we had an UNO session

where everyone joined in. ALMOST. Nigel was still pushing here and there. =X

and look at how excited Yatz was in this picture above!!

he cheated in the game and we make him "stand up" the whole game muahahahahhahaha

no la he didn't cheat in the game i don't know why he stand up in this picture with that serious expression on his face.

we had fun!!

we had our moments...

we had our class photo

and of course i went back to time where i was once stupid and naive =D

and of course Sharin, Jentzen, Thomas & Pam who's missing in the group picture. tsk tsk tsk.

these are the people who were in the party that night. That back to time night. It was awesome!!



*pictures credits to DavidCheong and Kelli


Zhong Yang said...

are they your ex schoolmates?

joshuaongys said...

> Zhong Yang : nope, i wish haha =D

l a b e l s


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