Friday, December 05, 2008

Bondi Beach Grill & Bar, The Curve

Do you know that recently there's this new hang out place @ The Curve that serves pretty delicious food?

Bondi Beach Grill & Bar

just beside BUBBA GUMP, this place is located on the 2nd floor along the street @ The Curve

A pretty spacious place and you know what, they even have their own toilets which erm not many places along the street @ The Curve have.

and just last Wednesday, i went to this place with a bunch of bloggers, yes for another food review session. xD

and let me get straight to the main point okay?

Grilled Oysters topped with Buttery BBQ Sauce RM21/RM32

Picture above is RM21 and the below one is RM32 (larger portion)

This was what we had as our first dish!! and it was pure awesome-ness which i think is because of their specially made BBQ sauce that was added in the dish that made it taste like WoW.

I swear i love it and its true, definitely one recommended dish at this place if you ask me!

Prawn Pinwheels - Spiced Tiger Prawns grilled, on a bed of curle endives

Tiger Prawns.... wheeeeee though i heard some saying that its not fresh enough, i was a happy man after that dish just because prawns are one of my favourite food no matter its cooked in what way. Gahahahaha. I'm so easy to please. =)

Seafood Kebab with Dill - Tiger Prawn, soft-shell crab, squid, tengiri, courgette, cherry tomato served with tartar sauce RM38

Yet another dish which i think that it's nice, but just not as nice as both the dish above and a few of us actually think that the they shouldn't have the soft shell crab there.... hmmm

Salmon RM28

We were served by 2 types of fish dish after that, Salmon and Fillet of Dory...

Fillet of Dory RM21

and in my opinion, i prefer the later one. Not because of the price but because i prefer the taste of it compared to Salmon. You might have different views as different people have different taste. I just prefer Fillet of Dory. =D

Then we have 2 different steaks after that... that explains why people are calling me fat lately.... well..

Rib Eye RM32

Sirloin RM28

Okay, seriously, i don't know how to judge about the steaks as when different people order, they might demand differently, some 70% cooked, some 50% cooked.

The thing that i can say is the steaks that day did made me smile and i was happily eating every bite i had.

and seriously, i love most of the dishes served here. A pretty good impression for me on a new place in The Curve as i know many places in The Curve doesn't serve really good food.

Actually, this place Bondi Beach mainly concentrate on their food with barbeque cooking styles and when you talk about that, the most important thing of all is the sauce provided along with the food and i must say that their Bondi BBQ sauce really did wonders on some of the food above that made me yum yum yum most of the time.

Of course, there're other types of sauce provided on request with RM3.

Bondi BBQ
Black Pepper
Roasted Tomato Salsa
Lemon Herb Butter
Cajun Remoulade
Le De Paris

this is the list of sauce if you would like to try other sauce. If you wonder why they charge RM3 for the sauce itself, you could try the sauce yourself and you might find the answer then. xD

Honey Grilled Banana with Coconut Flakes RM8

Oh and the review session didn't stop there, we had desserts as well, this Honey Grilled Banana with Coconut Flakes is just fine while...

Apple Cinnamon Comb RM12

this Apple Cinnamon Comb ROCKS!!! I do not know how to describe it but it just rocks very much and i loved it =D

It was a pretty tasty and filling session not to mentioned fun as being with a bunch of bloggers is always fun!

we enjoyed ourselves

and i'm definitely going to pay this place a visit another time!!! If you happen to be at The Curve, do try out this place.

Ken, Sidney, Me, Thomas, Aaron, Celine, Stephanie, Stanley, Chunglern with the P.I.C in front CS.

and to end this post, these are the fun people i'm with that night. Its awesome!

*pictures credits to Chunglern and Ken.


email2me said...

The food price are quite reasonable with such quality provided.

hyperX said...

Looks nice. Gonna try it soon with my family and gf. ^^

joshuaongys said...

> email2me : hehe right

> hyperX : lolx good good den tell me bout it k?

KittyCat said...

Wow...those prawns, steaks and apple cinnamon comb are EXACTLY what I'm craving for now!

Glad to hear they taste as good as they look. That pic of all the bloggers taking photos is so funny...

Did you all get a discount for the free publicity?

Wilson Ng said...

I tot the real Bondi Beach... sigh.. I miss the real Bondi Beach especially during summer.... Will try this place one day but not so soon... been eating too much myself lately... :P

A-Lex said...

Hey... seeing u reviewing alot of makan place.. how to join ah.. i want too... to get free foods and drinks XD

joshuaongys said...

> KittyCat : hahahaa go the curve tonight then!! and yeps they taste as good as they look


discount?? hmm maybe i should go get it huh?? xD

> Wilson Ng : ahahah i wish too la the real place =D

yea i saw many of ur post eat eat eat wan.. u eat more than me!! haha

> A-Lex : not tat much lar.. haha how to join ah... hmmm i duno how to explain also... its complicated... xD

A-Lex said...

come come... i belanja u lunch then u tell me how :D

haha... Keep it coming so i know where to go for good foods!

joshuaongys said...

> A-Lex : lolx nowadays i don't really take lunch already due to my messed up sleeping time haha

and er haha wana know where to go for good food, you can surf many other food blogs out there la, here in my blog also not much food place de...

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