Monday, December 01, 2008

Bloggers = Photographers?

Its been quite some time since i joined in this whole new bunch of people, a whole new community which i used to watch and notice in the past reading people's blogs.

These bunch of people i talked about above is the ones i have been going out with quite frequently in the past few months.

B l o g g e r s.

and seriously, when you talk about bloggers, especially the ones in Malaysia, you will eventually relate them to cameras and camwhoring.

Be it compact cameras or DSLRs, you'll see most blogger having a camera whenever you attend an event and they will camwhore here and there updownleftright.

In my case, i've been surrounded by more DSLRs compared to compact camera and actually i felt quite "paiseh" taking out the compact camera i have to take picture whenever i go to any events.

and when it comes to picture sharing times, i always have the feel of deleting the pictures i took as its all pretty crappy compared to the ones taken by my friends.

Coming back to the title of Bloggers = Photographers, its quite an interesting scene to take a look on actually. With different type of bloggers/photographers around, you can see how interesting that some bloggers tends to take certain type of pictures only and they are really good at doing so and SOME ARE REALLY DAMN GOOD.

Its definitely something good in Malaysia, especially in the political scene, the political leaders need to keep an eye for bloggers as they do not know when will they be a victim through a blogger's camera.

Haha. Seriously, Just for laugh.

and oh, some people were asking me "Eh, joshua, when are you getting one DSLR?"

i'll just have a good time laughing to myself replying them that there's a long more way to go, seriously, i have higher priorities on other stuff before it comes to a DSLR.

furthermore, i really have no money to get one but of course, those people will laugh and tell me...


Oh yea, i'm using the last picture above as my desktop wallpaper. xD

*all pictures above taken by Chong


Chong said...

This post looks like Evian paid you to write it :P

And yeah, no need to paiseh la... Just whip it out and start snapping only.

fallen angel said...

Ya, what's up with the Evian water. No shyness just snap away :P

joshuaongys said...

> Chong : ahahaha Chong, i just find your pics interesting ma so ma post lor hahaha if la they pay me den lagi good hahahahaha i'll still get paiseh wan la.. ><

> fallen angel : jz of all randomness only hehehe =D thanks

Chong said...

In the beginning, I was hesitating whether to pass the pics to u all or not since it has nothing to do with the food that we ate. Haha.

Feel honoured that you use my pic as your wallpaper. Me myself pun don't use own pics as wallpaper. Hehe.

joshuaongys said...

> Chong : lolx i told u i wanted the pics ma so nice hahahahah

kekekekekke =D

Cashmere said...

Don't need to be ashamed... Everyboday has a start somewhere..
Anyway, your post looks more like an Evian advertisement..
Makes me thirsty! ;)

joshuaongys said...

> Cashmere : lolx yeh thanks and believe me its not hahaha my friend just happen to take some nice picture of the evian glass sometime ago hehe =D

maslight said...

I was waiting for the moment when I see a relation between what you posted to the evian shots LOL...anyways, true, these days, ppl blog and take photos @_@

well i guess u can say bloggers are photographers in a way too..but no worries, eventhough i haf a DSLR, i'm still using my trusty compact camera XD

Harmony said...

Some bloggers are more lyrical than painters.

joshuaongys said...

> maslight : lolx seriously there's no relation la hahahaha its not an advertorial for evian lolx and i wish IT WAS!! just tat i find the pictures nice hehehehe =D

owhhh you have a dslr and u still use ur compact camera... so nice!!! next time i wana be lidat also haha wish i have no idea will be erm when..

> Harmony : well said there! =D its pretty true...

Yi Ling said...

haiyo. it's afterall just a camera with the same function. maybe only different in terms of quality. wells, as long as one has the skills, it's enough. you can give someone with no skills the best camera, and the photos still sucks. but if it's the other way round, giving a good photographer a lousy camera, the photos would still look good. so aim for the second one! :D

william said...

personally ain't not really a photographer... Am wondering bout the liking of "cam"ing or even camcordering... What's up with the concentration on Evian, they paid u???

Ivan said...

True to a certain extend. I personally used my blog to "show off" my photos :p

Kurogane said...

Hi there , this is my opinion on the post of urs...

Bloggers does not mean that they are photographers... Who cares whether the blogger got any DLSR or camera or whether they have good or lousy photography skills?

In my opinion, the contents of the blogpost matters and for me, this is the only thing that attracts me... of course with some pictures to express themselves...but not too much of camwhoring, coz for me it's kinda annoying..

Well, being a blogger is juz easy, juz write ur post to express urself and maybe show it to others ur comments and ur toughts...

Anyway, what I wanna say is...juz use that compact camera of urs to take pictures and write posts that shows that it's u! Juz be urself!

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : yea in a way its just 2 same thing with the same function hehehe and yeh, many people do say the same as you, its the skill that matters and ehhhh lolx with a lousy camera how can the photos be good... hmmmm

> william : eh seriously camcorder-ing is something very interesting actually and the editing job that comes after that is really really interesting and again.... i have to repeat again, evian didnt pay me, i wish so =X

> Ivan : lolx so i guess you're pretty proud with the pictures u snap huh?? xD

> Kurogane : nice opinion hehehehe and yeaa bloggers aint photographers de jz dat indirectly they will take pictures whenever they go haha

and of course you are right, the contents in a post is the most important of all and hahaha yeh sumtimes its kinda annoying seeing too much of camwhoring in a blog itself, i myself is guilty of that hahaha =X

yeh being a blogger is easy, that's why there are more and more bloggers coming out from everywhere expressing their thoughts and etc..

and eh at last thanks for the encouragement there, really appreciate it very much =)

dlt2 said...

although the increased exposure to the art of photography through the lens of a DSLR is an encouraging fact, it is also baneful to the art; that the art is diluted at it's very core.

people are snapping away like no one's business and displaying their work like no one's business as well. this isn't art, this is merely a "hobby".

gone are the days where photography is revered as a true form of art.

JustJasmine said...

Your camera is better than mine, I can bet.

If you paiseh, I more more paiseh..... :P

joshuaongys said...

> dlt2 : well yes there're more DSLR users nowadays and people are snapping like no one's business but i believe as they mature, though not all, some will display the true form of art through their pictures... for those who juz take it as a hobby, its not a bad thing either =D

> JustJasmine : hhahahah u sure o not?

julian said...

For me it seems that it also depends on the type of blog - if you see the SoPo or tech blogs, they don't have so many; but for the personal/lifesytle ones, well, it seems that no camera = no blog :)

email2me said...

Dun say Chong is sitting next to me quitely. Behind snapping some wonders.... hey dude ... got any chicks shot? Share out also leh ... :P

joshuaongys said...

> julian : yea its pretty true that for personal/lifestyle blogs which erm i do think almost every blog is they need to have pics, that goes there no camera = no blog.. haha

> email2me : ehhh now dat u mentioned... ya hor!!! we should hunt chong for chicks pics hahaha

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