Friday, December 12, 2008

Are You On for COMIC FIESTA 2008?

Comics and Animes have been around for eons years and if you want to track back to the history of the mentioned stuffs, it can go as early as the time before you came to this world!!

I find these pretty interesting actually that many many stuffs did came out because of comics and animes. The toys, the costumes that leads to cosplay, the various merchandises, events, movies, musics and etc.

all these have been turning God Knows how many people on earth crazy be it collecting, competing, chasing and etc.

and all these years, there were various events organized all over the world to promote such stuffs

this image above is a few image of related events in a few cities in the world in the past.

and seriously, in MALAYSIA.. we have our very own event in such form as well!!

The image above is a compilation of last year Comic Fiesta event.

Comic Fiesta 2007.

this image above shows the crowd of last year's comic fiesta 2007.

and this year's Comic Fiesta is already approaching!!

Date : 20th & 21st December 2008 Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall. Time : 11am - 7pm

All this will only mean one thing!!

It will be BIGGER & BETTER!!

[click on the image below for more details]



RealGunners said...

shit! i'm not scheduled to come back until the wednesday after the event.. :'(

joshuaongys said...

> RealGunners : arhhh... den erm... go nex year? ha.... =X

Yi Ling said...

wah! cosplay! omg omg omg. haha. looks like last year's event was quite big. ._.

izzat said...

owh...i went there last year, hopefully i'll not miss out their main program this year..yeah.. haruhi dance.. :P

=chuan guan= said...


joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : yeps it was pretty big and this year will be biggeR!

> izzat : lolx u'll not miss it! you cant afford to miss it!!

> =chuan guan= : why aikk..?

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