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Daidomon - Authentic Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Great Eastern Mall

For those who don't take meats, they are vegetarians.

So erm for those who only take meat and hates vegetables, what do you call them?


Hmm well, i don't really hear people using that word very much but anyway, this is a day i became a "carnivore". From Omnivore to Carnivore. lmao. Totally bad application of English words. =D
*read on and you'll know why i said so... =)

On the 28th of November 2008, i attended this specific food review session @ Great Eastern Mall, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

When people talk about BBQ restaurant in Malaysia, people will eventually think of Korean BBQ as there are more and more Korean BBQ restaurant surfacing in the Malaysian market.

But anyway, the one i went to is DAIDOMON, an authentic Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

and according to their menu, they serve the best Yakiniku in town!

FYI [ yaki-BBQ || niku - Meats ]

and so yea, in an extremely nice and clean place....

I attended this session with Andrew, Ken and other people from the media(magazines, newspaper)

and Melissa was there!!!

hehehehe, alright..

The first item we had, the appetizers

From Left to Right
Lemon Grass Skewered Salmon With Green-Tea Noodles - 4.5/5
Jelly Fish Tofu - 3/4
Soft Shell Spring Roll With Mango Salsa - 4/5

the appetizers were pretty special for me, well i don't really have the chance to go to such places to eat in the past so yea... hehehehe

Next up is this Chawan Mushi which is Steamed Egg Custard with the price of RM8 - 3/5

After that, we went straight to.....

a whole lot of Assorted Sashimis....

Assorted Sashimi - 4/5

and ITS REALLY A WHOLE LOT OF IT till we cant finish it wtf.....

i must say that the sashimis were pretty good and you cant compare them to other normal japanese restaurant, its just erm... i don't know how to describe it... hahahaha


Assorted Nigri Sushi & Daidomon Special Roll - 4/5

and yea.... we had a whole lot of Sushi as well.. Unlike the sushi in those sushi chain restaurant which are loose where when you hold it up with the chopstick it will break and when you bite, everything will like come out, the sushi served here were pretty erm.. FIRM. lmao... and of course, they taste nice!!

the next items were all BBQ items where we can BBQ ourselves our ask for assistance.

The equipments there in this restaurant is rather "high-tech" as the BBQ equipment have a technology where when you BBQ the food, there won't be smoke and thus it won't be oily for the people around the BBQ place and the charcoal used is some high quality charcoal as well and that 2 part played an important role in how tasty the meat were!

This is something you cant really find in Kuala Lumpur, or even in Malaysia.

So, yea here comes the BBQ items!! Wheeeeeeee ~

Jo Tan - 4/5

Guess what is this!!

its erm the tongue part of a cattle which where people can only get a small portion of of a cattle because its the tongue part

its pretty chewy and you can feel the texture where it actually taste good!!! i've never taste cattle's tongue before this okay!! =D

Wagyu Beef - 5/5

and this is the bomb!!!!!! WAGYU BEEF!!!!! which made me go OMG seriously... Its my first time eating these beefs and its totally DIFFERENT from NORMAL beef!!

and according to Ken, one bite equals to RM20..

Fuhhh..... i went o.O and it was damn nice!

If you have no idea what is Wagyu Beef, you can refer the explanation above which i've stolen from the menu of DAIDOMON.

The carnivorous session didn't end there..... =)

We had this up next!!

Grain Fed Beef 3.5/5

Rosu Striploin 4/5

Jo Karubi - Ostrich Meat - 4/5

All three meat items were nice but not as nice as Wagyu Beef above HAHAHAHA... its like a direct comparison after having Wagyu Beef.... lmao..

so now you understand why i became a "carnivore" la =D

Lamb Nakaochi - 4/5

We had this as well, the lamb intercostal meat hahahahahahah which i love it so much!! i love lamb meat... hehehehe =D

it was just awesome....

and yes i became fatter...... =(

Kuro Goma Ice Cream - 3/5

The dessert we had was the Black Sesame Ice Cream which is nice. I think that the Goma ice cream @ Enju is nicer though. =X

OH and before i forget, every BBQ restaurant must have their unique BBQ sauce, just like Bondi Beach @ The Curve, the BBQ sauce in Daidomon is very very very nice =)

So yea, thats all the items during the session and

let me share a little bit more about this restaurant. Its a restaurant with an age of 26 years in Singapore and just August of 2007, Daidomon opened its flagship restaurant in Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.

One of the biggest japanese BBQ Restaurant in KL with 7 VIP rooms and capacity seatings of 300 guests where there are people booking part of the place or the whole place occasionally for their private parties or company events and etc.

The Boss himself, Stanley serving us himself, a pretty friendly person who emphasize on customer service. Awesome.

I don't know about you, but to me its pretty impressive i would say.

and 1 thing i noticed which really made me really interested in this place are these bottles all around the place....


yes all around the place and its not only one row, there're 2 more rows behind and its empty Sake Bottles if i'm not mistaken....

and the boss stanley even brought out his personal collection and showed it to us, its like the treasure of the restaurant that keeps customer from coming in increasing their business. He even explain how rare the Sake were and the stories behind it and you don't want to know how many years of dish washing i need to do if i were to break every single bottle in the above picture. xD

So yea, that's pretty about it. A totally awesome place for those Japanese Food Lovers and i meant it. =D

I would like to go back to this place in the future. Hehe.

Charcoal Barbeque Japanese Restaurant
Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
No. 303, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-42528155
Fax : 03-42528166
Operation Hours : 11.30am - 2.30pm; 6.00pm - 10.30pm

*pictures credits to Andrew & Ken


wEtwEtwAtEr said...


=chuan guan= said...

aww................not gd not gd..u r making me much u ate it?

JustJasmine said...

The restaurant name sounds like doraemon lol

I like the mushi mushi and the meat! :P

Saliva dropping!

Yi Ling said...

woah. ambience is great. so in the food >< meh. you always go to the good food places. haha.

Jawker said...

Looks really good man, will definitely want to check out the branch over here in Singapore.

JoYce said...

omg...i'm so jealous and hungry now!!!!!
i'm a big fan of Japanese food and you just awakened my sashimi cravings!!!

joshuaongys said...

>wEtwEtwAtEr : well...

> =chuan guan= : ahaha u mean i ate how much or how much it cost?

> JustJasmine : lolx well both are from doraemon hahahaha and the meat rawks!!

> Yi Ling : yep the ambience is great and erm dont have always lar... =X

> Jawker : ehhh try out already den tell me how is it =D

> JoYce : aha dont be jealous faster go eat japanese food den!! =D

Photosophize said...

I went there the other time too and also blogged about it. We had their buffet. The quality of their raw meat is really good, but they need to improve on some of their prepared food. Service is definately good without a question.

Envy that you even had their sashimi and it looked very good!

~~wilson~~ said...

one bite = RM20 !!! OMG !!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> Photosophize : lolx seems like i'm not the only one who thinks that this place is good! =D

> ~~wilson~~ : ya man.. i also duno about it before that... =X

e s t a n c u s said...

speaking of which, how come you guys owis get to go eat at place like these ah? special invitation to blog about food ka? haha

renaye said...

looks good and i have heard of that restaurant before. i heard it's quite pricy too.

foongpc said...

The food looks really good, but how much you paid in total for dining there?

joshuaongys said...

> e s t a n c u s : can be considered as special invitation cuz its a food review session and you'll be blogging about the food u ate...

how come ar... hmmm i don't know how to explain in a whole.. lolx

> renaye : pricy or not, it really depends on what you plan to order as there're more than 100 of food items provided there.. what can i say is the price is definitely worth it for the food and service provided there.. =)

> foongpc : the food were good and i/we didn't pay, its a food review session =)

electronicfly said...

yer not fair!

stanley and the chef were in SG when I went, and they gave us less food to try!



joshuaongys said...

> electronicfly : LOLx hahaha maybe spore and msia diff portion leh... *hint hint*

sophia_siah said...

the food seems really nice.will definitely go there.good review man.mayb u can go try rakuzen at sri hartamas.oso a japanese restaurant but not bbq.but the food there is superb too :)

sophia_siah said...

well the food definitely look nice.really wanna go and try it out one day.good review man!! :)
mayb, u can try out rakuzen at hartamas oso.a japanese restaurant and serve delicious sushi and shasimi but no bbq :)

joshuaongys said...

> sophia_siah : hehehe yes i heard good stuffs about rakuzen too and sri hartamas is near my place =D maybe i shall go there kekeke thanks there hehhee

sophia_siah said... need to tahnks.if the food is nice only thanks me k?if not then dun come scold then can lo.keke

joshuaongys said...

> sophia_siah : ahahaha alrites!!

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