Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas This Year - 2008

Its funny how these kinda things happen.

Its either you're in a busy period and lots of people are finding you out OR you're like extremely free and nobody is finding you out.

Believe it or not, this thing is like a Deja Vu haunting me from time to time through out this whole year making my life really really.... indescribable....

Some people find it really funny when i mentioned that i have no plans on Christmas Eve & Christmas and yea i find it pretty funny too myself.

and of course, one of the reason why i have no plans is because i don't have the christmas mood this year. None at all. T_T

Anyhow, my Christmas Eve was simply spent with just 3 person. All 3 whom i've just knew this year. No i didn't plan it. I was randomly messaging people on MSN and i found out that Ren will be in Desapark City spending the night that day.


Steph, Jane, Ren and me.

.............was how it all happened. I joined the 3 of them and had a simple christmas eve myself which ended with a supper session of Nasi Lemak somewhere near Cheras. Some place where Andrew recommended before. Might talk about it next time haha.

That was Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Day itself, after church i went out with the same bunch of people and we headed to Jusco Metroprima for a movie. Ip Man.

the girls camwhoring with the poster.... o.O

just that this time, we have one more person - Andrew.

nothing much was done after the movie. Headed to Hartamas and...

proceeded to KL for a dinner.

a pretty awesome one i shall say. Situated somewhere behind Times Square and you know what? There's actually lots of hidden "makan" place there. Might explore there sometime somehow. I hope soon.

So how was your Christmas?


Andrew said...

yawnnnn*~ blessed new year to you broda!! =D hehehe... still yawnning since then.. LOL.. see ya tonite!

JeromeFo said...

So many nice foods!

joshuaongys said...

> Andrew : gahahhahahaa yay!!

> JeromeFo : ahh fooo!!!! nex time we go eat hehehe

JeromeFo said...

Will call you up when i back ^^

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