Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fast Update #28 Er Ling Ling Jiu

Just got back from a party. *burp*

Yea party.... Aaron's Birthday + NYE Party!!

HAHA now la i understand why so many people rather go to such party than being sardines in the middle of a town during NYE.... it was much more awesome!!

but of course, at the end of the day, the most important thing is still the company i had. At least that was what i thought.

So yea i was not ready for 2009 but however so, it came. I can't do anything and no i won't tell why i'm not ready for 2009...... =X

Nyway, about the party, we had fun, at least yea I HAD FUN... =D

Haven see 2 particular person for quite some time already and they showed up in the party, Mae and Nadia. =)

Aaron's birthday falls on the 31st of December.

As usual, many people have write their resolutions and their 2008 summaries, some might even write it later on this month. For me, i think i won't write one, i'm too lazy to search among the thousands of photos taken during 2008, not to mention writing back about the stuffs and the MANY people and linking their blogs, i'm not as semangat as i was. Haha.

I'm just grateful for the people i met and get to know last year, I'm blessed knowing you peeps!! (you know who you are)

So yea NOW i'm waiting pictures from Andrew, Aaron and David on the parties!!

How was your NYE? I started my NY with barqardhir epal / qiiwas / wodkah / belek libel and of course the peeps *burp*



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you heeeee till siao lor. hahahahaha

joshuaongys said...

> : =D

l a b e l s


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