Friday, January 30, 2009

Time Out KL On The Up Jan 2009

It was the first Time Out KL Music Night of the year. A monthly event by Time Out KL which is held in the heart of KL, a venue with the name No Black Tie every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

i was with the usual peeps chilling there that night.

Aaron and David taking pictures with Nigel video recording, it was quite an interesting night i would say.

2StoreyHeart was the first that kept us entertained. Except for the screams he had during his performance, i thought that he is all fine. His songs were a bit emo though, perhaps because of his own life where he was heartbroken back in last year.

Talking about broken, Broken Scar the next performers rocked us that night. Like totally. With Kevin, Alda, Zach, and Alex + an extra performer, the violinist, they made quite a good band and played some really awesome music that night.

and i was even awake at 4.40am that night listening to their songs. Lolx

After an awesome rock session by Broken Scar, we had a totally different performance by the next one, Izzy Mohamed. A more slow tune, some pretty soft and nice songs were displayed. Izzy got a nice voice, just not that distinctive enough that's all. Apart from that, everything was nice and i enjoyed it. Some contrast between the performance by the previous band and this performance.

Secret Love Affair was the next and last performers. Though their music on the instrument was nice, they sucked at their vocals and lyrics. Nuff Said.

At the end of the night, i was still pretty amazed by Broken Scar's performance. Of course, the others were okay as well, just that there's much more place to improve for them.

am looking forward to the next Time Out Music Night! =D
*pictures by David


electronicfly said...


She was a part-timer when I was interning, but always tak jadi go to her gigs one.


joshuaongys said...

> electronicfly : aiseh!!! find one day go her gig la, her songs are pretty nice =)

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