Monday, January 12, 2009

World's No 1 DJ Armin Van Buuren @ Zouk Malaysia

It was a crazy Saturday last weekend. Managed to have 2 short meetings at 2 different locations meeting Anis and Liyeng. Apart from that, i went to Zouk Kuala Lumpur in the night to see for myself the very current World's No1 DJ.

ARMIN VAN BUUREN with his trance music.

It was a crazy night.

with lots of earthlings......

The whole crowd went ecstatic when he started spinning!

and many of them started taking pictures/videos of the World's No1 DJ. Hehe.

Alright, i'll leave the rest to the video i took that night with my humble little Canon Ixus 75. Nyehhhh.

5.05 Minutes of Armin Van Buuren @ Zouk Malaysia

Will write a more detail blog post when i get my hands on more pictures. =)

so, while waiting...

View Armin From The Deck with Nigel. Lolx


Nigelais said...

Haha. Will be releasing a longer version of the backstage happenings soon. =)

joshuaongys said...

> Nigelais : lolx wonder how long it is.. 4 hours? hahaha

l a b e l s


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