Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Bloggers @ DesaPark City

All these while, when i blog, i'll edit some/many pictures and put in different folders on my computer's desktop so that its easier for me to differentiate and think of what to blog about and etc.

So today, i was looking through the folders on my desktop(to see which i've blogged about and which i've not) and had fun viewing these 2 images. Though not long ago, i still find it quite entertaining. Haha.

Its actually 2 animation gif files i've made for the DGMB Christmas post.

So i decided to post it up here again in this blog. Haha i'm still not over with 2008 lahhhhhh....... =X

Presenting 4 bloggers, 2 Males, 2 Females having fun playing at a playground @ Desapark City!!

pam & kelz

Enjoyed?? =D


read the dgmb christmas dinner 2008 post here.

Are you done with 2008 yet? I'm Not. =(

Meanwhile, i hope you enjoy your first weekend of the year!! =)


twenty-six said...

that what i called "mabuk percuma"

pek san said...

eh the playground..i've been kepong right ^.^ remember i told u i been to kepong once to visit a friend? she stays there :D

JeromeFo said...

Nice one*
I juz went there in last year Aug

joshuaongys said...

> twenty-six : hahahaha u do tat often uhuh??

> pek san : lolx yeh i rmb u said dat before hahahaha =D

> JeromeFo : go there again wen u come back la! =D

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