Thursday, January 22, 2009

Partying @ Zouk Malaysia For Armin Van Buuren!

It was that crazy night i blogged about 10 days ago. The actual event was on 10th of Jan 2009 where lots of people went to Zouk Kay-El to experience the trance music by World's No 1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren.

Lots Of People. Gah.

Nigel, Kelli, Me, David, Aaron, HsuJen.
*picture by Andrew

I really had a night with these people, some of the DGMB-ians which i mention above in the picture + Yatz who was late that night. *smiles*

there were lots of people in the Zouk Main room till there was barely place to dance or even walk around the whole time Armin was there. I actually missed the old BIGGER Zouk Main room...

Everyone was really crazy with Armin making its first appearance where Nigel just acted like nothing happen holding his videocam standing behind Armin recording down the scene. Haha.
*yes nigel is in the picture above on the deck with Armin. Lolx

I have no words to describe them. So, just look at these crazy people. =)

Seriously, i'm not a big fan of Trance music but i could understand why Armin became the World's Top DJ. He was good at what he's doing and i actually like the music and enjoyed except for the bass that was a bit too much. Well, its a club and that's what you get in Clubs so. Yea. Lolx

Oh and there was more act than what you see above. Too bad you weren't there. xD

and so, yea... more pictures of Armin with the crowd and crowd and people and people and CROWD!!

All taken by David Cheong hehehe

The whole 4 hours of Armin spinning had the crowd encoring at the end of hours.Encore Encore Encore. Gah crazy party earthlings. I was already having a headache by then they still Encore. Lolx

Hop to other rooms from time to time and had fun in other rooms as well. But mostly.
Armin was great. It was a pleasure meeting him in person wtf haha. That only Nigel can say i cant. =X

Oh btw many other bloggers were there. Many. Esp Girls. HA!! Their pictures? That is for you to go google them yourself. Hehe.

Enjoyed the pictures? Go Thanks David. =D

and yea, i posted a video on Armin on the blog post i made 10 days ago. Go and watch it!

till then...



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