Saturday, January 10, 2009

sing sing song take take pictures

and so, in the first post of NYE + Aaron's Bday Bash during the 31st of December 2008, i mentioned about Aaron's 13 inch big black thing the 1st quarter of the party.

Yeaps and so we played the game. It was all fun but it didn't last long lolx because we were gonna do something for the birthday boy.

The old usual thing you do during birthdays, the birthday song with claps and everyone smiling especially the birthday boy himself. Happily smiling all the way.

and of course, in such happy happy laugh laugh mood we'll make the birthday boy do something and Thomas attempted to push the head down. Lolx but he failed miserably Muahahahahahahaha

The photo taking process never really stop since the party started and by the time everyone was singing the birthday song, it became more and more..... No the left picture was not taken on purpose where they were requested to take picture together like that, i just happen to notice them in that 2 position and i just snap. Lolx

So, we had a few group photo session.

After a lot of fun involved with a few of us disturbing the whole group photo taking session, we took some really proper pictures. Like class photo like that hahahaha.

1st, Uni Friends

2nd, BLOGGERS!!! wheeeeeeee

and 3rd the ever awesome bunch gah...

a bit serious take

smile big big take

and went insane mode....

NO we're not crazy, we just love each other very much thats all =)

So, yea Aaron had a good time celebrating his birthday with a bunch of us which i hope he was happy with it hahahaha.
*thinking about it, i don't think i had a birthday party myself before, got la, but i think i was below 10 that time... =(

Aaron and his domokun.... o.O

and i shall end this post with this picture above which i find it pretty interesting. Yes as interesting as the last 2nd picture of the first post of NYE + Aaron's Bday Bash. Its like a Ninja spying on us from above while we're singing song for Aaron.


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*pictures by Andrew & Aaron & David


Pork Chop said...

Thats a very nice birthday party! I want one of that too lol XD

joshuaongys said...

> Pork Chop : organize one!! hahaha

l a b e l s


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