Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and AGAIN, its GENTING!!

I almost forgot about this. How could i. All YeeHou's fault. *points at yeehou*

Lolx. Okay la its me. Well, i'm always fast at posting stuffs up given that i'm provided the right stuffs on hand which is most of the time, the photos. So when i get the pictures late, i'll just leave the post behind and leave it there for ever. Yea Forever till i digg it out to blog. Gah.

So yea, this happened not long ago actually. To be exact, one day after Christmas day of 2008. It was some sorta emo season that week i assume as many people around me were emo-ing.

Okay, before i start talking about it. Let us rewind back time.

In November 2008, i had a totally random trip to Genting with Andrew & Steph. 3 Bloggers.
Then early December 2008, another random trip to Genting with Tock, Sue & Zoe. 4 Bloggers.

then on the 26th of December 2008. There were like 6 of us bloggers heading up to Genting.

Seriously, there's nothing with Genting, its just us who have nothing better to do and seriously it was a last minute decision!! NOT A PLANNED ONE!! and of course, some of us were emo-ing that particular day while the others just felt like going up to Genting.

So, we were doing nothing up there? The first thing we did up there was watching YeeHou finishing up the juice he bought.

Oh yea.

we took a group picture!!

and then

we headed to the arcade place @ Genting.


nothing much i can say though... As we were getting faces like this one below...

from everyone that passes by....

Had some restless walks and stopped around here and there, chilling and relaxing till we finally ended up at Starbucks.

lolx. A pretty productionless night with us ending up yawning now and then.

Headed back down to KL around 4-5am if i'm not mistaken. Lolx.

So much for the last random trip to Genting huh? =D


§pinzer said...

wah enough legacy edi hor haha

BLue said...

it seems like Genting = your happening

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : lolx wat legacy la lolx

> BLue : lolx where got!

陈一豪 said...

Haihya, kids nowadays arr always running around like don't need money.

Drive also so fast tsk tsk tsk

joshuaongys said...

> 陈一豪 : lolx where got fast lar dont have la very slow only lolx hahahaha =D

Simon Seow said...

It's been a few months didn't go Genting. Last I went is in my friend's Lancer racing up and down T_T

Missyve said...


YOU love posting perfect, ugly, candid shots of me. ALL THE TIME.


Once it has accumulated, i will totally do a post about all your entries.

joshuaongys said...

> Simon Seow : ahaha justin huh?

> Missyve : i think it's nice wor your pics =X hahahhahhah

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