Wednesday, January 14, 2009

on MDG Auditions and Youth09

Last Saturday, before heading to Zouk for Armin in the night, i was already out in the afternoon. Kinda crashed the KL Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition. Lolx. With Aaron.

Was there to meet up with Anis who was in town all the way from Penang. I was @ the auditions around 4pm and as expected i met some official bloggers that afternoon and on the other hand, Tock and Zoe was there too! Lolx

No this is not Zoe...

This is Zoe


Had a short conversation with some of the people over there and "lepak" around the place for quite a while till we (aaron, anis and me) decided to leave the place and head to Youth09.
*if you're interested in MDGS2 then head to their official blog bah xD

Last year when they have this youth event, i didn't attend it. and so, i decided to go this year to have a look here and there. Furthermore i planned to meet Joanne whom i've not seen for quite some time already.

Seriously, there were lots of activities, competitions, stuffs in this very youth event and i was pretty lost when i reached there.

there was this battle of the bands.

where they have people who sit on the floor listening to them.

the basketball courts for the basketball competition. Too bad when i reached, the competitions over already.

there was this Jazzercise workshop on the other hall and i see many youthful people.

some awesome talent i thought.

at the end of the hall where the Jazzercise workshop, there was this bazaar where people brought their stuffs and had stalls each selling their own stuffs. Some of them were pretty interesting while some were O.O

I even noticed one table with just a paper on it. They had everything sold out before the event ends on that day itself. Crazy!

and then, i saw something real interesting. There was this wall full of pictures and i can say that almost every one of it was really nice.

Pretty awesome stuffs using Lomo Cameras.

and they have a website.

oh and i forgot, the 3 of us, Aaron, Anis and i had fun at the automobiles display area haha...

and we took such photos to entertain ourselves!! Gahhhhh..

this is Joanne i mentioned above. =)

My say on Youth09?

Frankly speaking i was pretty lost and got a bit bored because there was too many things going on in the event itself. I can't imagine myself being there through out the whole day hahaha.

For people who're like me going to this event aimlessly, they will feel pretty bored.

For people who're NOT like me and attended this very event with some objectives be it joining the competitions/workshops, meeting new friends, buying stuffs at the bazaar and etc i'm pretty sure that this event was pretty happening for them. Lolx.

So yea...

Hope to see Anis and Joanne sometime somewhere soon. =D
*pictures by Aaron


DiEsE said...

sometime = this weekend
somewhere = penang
can ah?!?!

HitoMi^^ said... went to youth 09 so late one.

Banyak come so little leng lui's pics??

joshuaongys said...

> DiEsE : i wish lerh... sighhh but cant make it =(

> HitoMi^^ : haha yea wor dat late... hahahaha they have an official blog ma, so dont need me to put so many leng lui pics la.. xD

Missyve said...


*chokes joshua to death*


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

looks fun with various activities but some part rather empty like that.

ha-ha. sold out. i wonder what they are selling

joshuaongys said...

> Missyve : ahh ahhahahahaha bleh!!

> - i.r.v.i.n.e - : yeh becuz i was pretty late hahaha and yea i was wondering what did they sell also.... hmmm

- yuhhui - said...

snifffff.. i also want to go to events.. =( Btw, the graffiti looks awesome indeed. They really have talents huh!

joshuaongys said...

> - yuhhui - : ahhh faster come back msia!! hehehehe yea they were awesome and there are more all around kl hahaha on the walls of various buildings!

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