Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fast Update #31 4.40AM

What am i doing at the moment. I'm listening to tracks on Reverb Nation. To be exact tracks by Broken Scar.

Currently listening to Hey You (Reprise).

My head is still filled with the performance by Broken Scar earlier tonight @ No Black Tie during TimeOut KL On The Up. That was like the best performance amongst all the bands/individuals. I'm pretty sure that everyone present there @ NoBlackTie just now would agree with me!!

Seriously, go and listen to their tracks @ Reverb Nation [CLICK HERE]
*their live gig performance earlier tonight was much much more better than the tracks though..


Malaysia do have lots of awesome local talents.
Someone have to really do something in Malaysian's Music Industry larh...

Oh and yea, a few clicks on Broken Scar's official website leads me to 2 interesting websites.

1. Sharonlili where i see Unabashed and photo sets of AYA festival 2007 / Planetshakers 2007

2. Purple Houz Productions which just had their new sound studio last December.

That's all for now.

Shall post up a more detail post on Time Out KL On The Up 21 Jan 2009. =)

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